The Mother’s Day Gift Guide That Not Even Martha Stewart Could Top

Japanese Soap

Time to tear down some stereotypes.  You think a Dad Blog can’t do a Mother’s Day Gift Guide filled with handmade crafts and awesome gift ideas?  Come on, it is 2011, clearly the year of the “Dad Bloggers Who Do Crafty Mother’s Day Gift Guides”.  Watch us shift gears from Crocs Sneakers for Men to Crafts for Mom…

Teacup Lights

Teacup Lights

We can show you how to make these antique teacups with candles inside.  If that is not a crafty gift that Mom will love, I don’t know what is?

Wrapped Flowers

Wrapped Flowers

Sure, anyone can give Mom flowers on Mother’s Day, but we can show you how to make handmade flower wrapping for said flowers.   Who said Dads are not versatile.

Japanese Motif Soaps

Japanese Soap

Buy Mom some fancy soap?  You lazy bastard!  No, we will show you how to make Mom these Japanese style soaps.  I am telling you – Martha Stewart could not top these ideas.  In fact, I can absolutely guarantee that Martha Stewart can not top these Mother’s Day ideas because…

We Stole All of The Above Ideas from The Martha Stewart Family Blog

In our defense, we thought about doing our own craft posts, and isn’t it the thought that counts?  Really, how are we supposed to compete with the awesome Family Blog at Martha Stewart?  The above is just a small sample of the craft and gift ideas they have for Mother’s Day on the site.   In fact, they have 82 Handmade Gifts for Mother’s Day in their Guide.  82 – that is just crazy.  Sure, we could have come up with 80, but no way we could top 82.

Not Into Making a Mother’s Day Gift?  Buy One Instead

Fine, so the Family Blog at Martha Stewart has us topped when it comes to making Mother’s Day gifts, but no doubt we can top them when it comes to buying Mother’s Day gifts.  I am sure we could come up with 10-15 gift ideas and that would be more than Martha Stewart could dream of…. Hold the phone, I have just been told the Martha Stewart blog has a piece on 40 Cool Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Buy.  What is wrong with these people, do they never sleep?

Fine Martha Stewart, You Can Have Mother’s Day, We Will Work on Father’s Day

If you are looking for cool crafts you and the kids can make for Mom for Mother’s Day, or some great gifts you can buy, head on over to Martha Stewart.  In addition, check out the Martha Stewart Family Blog for more craft ideas.

If you will excuse me, I need to start working on our Father’s Day Gift Guide, I am shooting for 83 gift ideas – take that Martha Stewart!

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