Work too Hard And You Die. Don’t Work And You…Die.

Death Study

Death Study

A few weeks ago we talked about a study which found that people who work 11 or more hours a day have a 67% higher risk of heart disease than people who work 9 to 5.  Our takeaway from this was clear, perfect the art of being a slacker.  We love you, and really want to write the best quality parent focused product reviews – but if we hit that 11 hour day point, time to shut it down and just phone it in.

Our advice to you was to tell your boss you couldn’t work 11 hour days – just too dangerous to your health.    If your boss fired you for lack of effort – well, you might be unemployed, but at least you would have your health.

The Only Thing That Will Kill You Quicker Than Working?  Not Working!

Research by McGill Sociology professor Eran Shor, in collaboration with Stony Brook University, suggests that, unemployment actually increases our risk of dying prematurely by an amazing 63 percent compared to those with jobs (read more at The Vancouver Sun).  Holy crap – this is just getting insane!

We were hoping to find out the research was based on some small sample size of people in some country no one has ever heard of, but this damn study has some real legs.  The research was funded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and was based on studying existing research covering 20 million people in 15 (mainly western) countries over the last 40 years.

So, now we are all faced with this possible prisoners dilemma – Your boss tells you to work 11 hour days or you are fired.  Do you do the work and go with the 67% increased risk of heart disease or get fired and go with the 63% increased risk of dying prematurely.  Or what about this nightmare – you do the 11 hour days, but your boss still fires you.  If my math is correct, I think this means you will die before you are born.

I don’t have any answers to the above dilemma, but I do have a new theory…

Reading Studies About Work and Health Increase Your Risk of Spontaneous Death by 100%

Man, this research on work and health stuff is stressful to read.   I need to stop reading this stuff it is really stressing me out.  If they find lying curled up in the fetal position is harmful to your health, I am in real trouble.  Maybe I am overreacting,  you can’t spontaneously die from reading and writing about work and health studie……..

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