Can The Growing Necessity Soil Test Kit Save My Horrible Lawn?

Soil Test Kit from Growing Necessity

Soil Test Kit from Growing Necessity

Spring is coming, the days are getting longer and the flowers are starting to bloom.  It should be a happy time of year, but for me the melting of the snow exposes my horrible secret.  I have no idea how to grow grass. Actually I need to qualify that, I am an expert on growing crab grass, but I have been told that is not how you get a golf course like lawn.

Yes, as I looked out over my lawn of dirt, I decided it was time to go high tech and try out the Soil Test Kit from Growing Necessity.  Here is a quick video to explain how the Soil Test Kit works –

To Me, Lime Is Just Something You Put in a Mexican Beer

I grew up in New York City, my “lawn care” consisted of stepping on roaches the size of my foot on the sidewalk in front of my apartment.  Yet, somehow I have ended up with a lawn and now have people trying to sell me lime to get my lawn healthy.  What in the world are they talking about?  I do find if I pop a couple of limes into a couple of beers, my lawn does look better.

Growing Necessity Believes One Size Does NOT Fill All

For all of the above reasons, I was intrigued when Growing Necessity contacted us and asked us to try out their soil test kit.  The idea is that you take soil samples from four places in the lawn and then send it off to Growing Necessity for analysis.  In about 9 days you will get a report back with analysis of your lawn and a plan for treating your lawn.

Here is Sample Report from Growing Necessity

Kill Weeds, Keep Away Insects and Cut The Use of Pesticides by 94%

When I first heard about the service I thought they were just going to use the report to sell me a large number of their lawn care products.  I am still waiting to get my report, but this does not seem to be the case.  Their literature states that their testing allows customers to use 94% LESS pesticides and have healthier lawns.

Will I Soon Have a Golf Course Like Lawn?

If I do, you are all invited to the 1st Annual Dad Does Golf Tournament!  Seriously, we will do a full review once we get our test results back and try out their recommendations.  The kit does come with a CD that is packed with lawn care information, which has already proved useful.

Will My Lawn Be Saved?  Will I finally learn what Lime is used for?  Stay tuned!

More Information:

Learn more at A Growing Necessity – soil test kit cost $19.95

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