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cubTales Review

We do a lot of product reviews here – this isn’t one of them.  Sometimes we come across a product or service that we think Moms and Dads should know about, even if we are not ready to do a full review.  cubTales, a new way for parents to store and share photos, videos and memories of their children is an online service that should be on your radar.

cubTales.Com – What You Would Get if YouTube and Flickr Had a Baby

cubTales is a social sharing site where you can upload photos and videos of your kids (or cubs) and create virtual cubTales books.  You can then share your cubTales books with family and friends.

There are no shortage of photo and video sharing sites.  In addition, there are already over 500 million people on Facebook.  So, why do we need a new social site to share photos and videos of our kids?  As Eric Gatz, founder of cubTales.Com put it “The traditional social networking and photo sharing methods came to mind – Facebook, Kodak Gallery and even email.  But those all had major flaws – too creepy, too cluttered, too lost.  I wanted something easy, something intimate, something beautiful.  A place that was worthy of life’s most precious moments. Since this did not exist, we built it.

Here is a video from the CubTales.Com Site Showing How It Works -

cubTales.Com is All About Your Kids

The thing that you immediately notice about cubTales.Com is it is all about your kids.  Yes, Facebook allows you to share photos and videos, but there are so many other things going on at Facebook, often your photos and videos can get lost in the noise.


As the above video shows, cubTales let’s you set up a virtual scrapbook for your kids and then share it with friends and family.  Every time you update your book, your friends and family are notified.

cubTales.Com is Very Young and It Shows

cubTales was just launched in March 2011.  In our use of the site there were some issues.  Not all of our videos would upload, we could not rotate photos and uploading of photos and videos was a slow process.   Updates to cubTales.Com are sure to handle these issues in the near future, but the price of cubTales.Com makes it easy to overlook its shortcomings…

cubTales.Com Comes At A Price Moms and Dads Can Love – $0

cubTales.Com is currently free and has no advertising.  Free is a price that Dads, Moms and Grandparents can really appreciate!  One of the reasons we are not doing a full review of cubTales.Com today is because it is free, so you can test out the service and see if it works well for you.

The other reason we are not doing a full review is that cubTales.Com still feels very young and we would rather review it when it is a little more mature.   We love the concept of cubTales.Com and hope it will grow into a robust photo and video sharing site for parents.   At a $0 cost, no reason not to give cubTales.Com a try and see if it makes your little cubs shine!

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