Happy Emancipation Day! In Other News, Monday Will Really Suck

Happy Emancipation Day

Happy Emancipation Day

Update: Today is Monday April 18th – Tax Day and Monday! At 11am EST we are giving away the prizes – take that sucky Monday Tax Day!

I hope you and your family are enjoying a lovely Emancipation Day Holiday today.  Well, to be accurate, today, April 15th, is actually Emancipation Day observed.  As only, Watson (the super computer) seems to know,  Emancipation Day is actually April 16th, but since that is a Saturday we need to observe it today, Friday April 15th.  To be accurate, when I say “we need to observe it” I am only talking to the people in Washington, DC – as that is the only place that observes Emancipation Day.

Hey Tax Day – Move It, Emancipation Day Owns April 15th Now!

Emancipation Day Observed and Tax Day on the same date?  You must be out of your mind!  Someone had to blink and it was of course Tax Day, who tucked its tail between its long forms and scurried over to April 18th.  Let me now explain why this completely sucks on two levels.

First, we did a whole post on How To Survive Tax Day – April 15th.  A Tour-de-Force of wit and computer graphics, except all the graphics said Tax Day was April 15th!  We are entirely too lazy to go back and change the graphics now, instead we are suing our bank for giving us a calendar that does not have Emancipation Day on it.

The second, and much bigger problem – Tax Day on Monday??  That is like throwing salt into a wound.  As we have explained, Mondays Suck – that is a fact you can take to the bank (except banks in Washington DC on 4/15 who are closed in observation of Emancipation Day).  Forcing  us procrastinators to write checks to the government on Monday, April 18th – that is just cruel.  We here at Dad Does could not stand idly by, we had to take action…

We Are Giving Away Stuff on The Real Tax Day – Monday, April 18th!

What is the best way to turn a frown upside down?  Win free stuff!  So on Monday we will giveaway –

A Portare Camera Bag ($139 value).  This is the camera bag built for parents.  You can fit everything in this bag – cameras, laptops, iPads, lens, toys, snacks, a crib…okay maybe not that last one.  If you like to carry a camera or two with you when you go out with the family, this is a great bag.

Not one, not six, but a magical 5 sets of Boccini – the mini Bocce ball game.  Tax Day is stressful and not fun.  Boccini is fun and relaxing.  If you are really stressed from writing checks to the government you could always squeeze the Boccini balls that come with the game, I find that very therapeutic.  Or throw them at the kids and then say “Mom did it” – that never gets old.

How Do You Win and Make Tax Day (and Monday) Less Horrible?

How do you enter? If you clicked that nice little Join Us button in the past – you are all set to win! Any member of Dad Does is automatically entered into any giveaway we do.

Not a member yet? No problem, all you have to do is Join Us – requires just your email, 100% free and takes about 6 seconds. So, just Join Us once and you are automatically entered in any giveaway we ever do – simple – right?

We will randomly pick 6 winners on Monday April 18th, 2011.. 5 winners for the Boccini and 1 winner for the Portare Bag.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get to the card store before they run out of Happy Emancipation Day Observed in Washington DC cards.

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