Review: Bug Trails by Thinkfun, Can Making A Trail of Bugs Really Be Fun?

Bug Trails by Thinkfun JR

Bug Trails by Thinkfun JR

I think it might be time to rebrand this site, how does this tag line sound  – “Dad Does, The Place Where Dads Play With  Games That Don’t Require Batteries and Come in Bags.”  Pretty catchy, would work great on a T-Shirt.  Yesterday we reviewed Boccini – a no battery required game that comes in a bag and today we are reviewing Bug Trails by Thinkfun, a no battery required game that comes in a bag!

Bug Trails – Like Dominoes, But With Bugs… 6 Legged Funky Bugs

Bug Trails is basically a 6 legged Domino game.  Players draw bug tiles from the bug bag and then take turns trying to match their bug’s legs to the Bug Scout (colors must match).  If you can’t match any legs to the bug scout, or just one leg to the Bug Scout, you need to draw another tile.  If you match two legs, you do not have to draw a tile.  Match 3 legs and you get to put a tile back in the Bug Bag.  The first player to run out of bug tiles wins.

Take A Look At Our Video That Explains How Bug Trails is Played -

Thinkfun Jr – Making Six Legged Bugs Less Creepy

As you can see in the video, the bug titles are very colorful and fun – the kids loved all the different expressions on the pieces.  It is a very easy game to throw into the bag and take away on vacation or just up to Grandma’s house.  Bug Trails is rated for children 6 and up and up to 6 players can play.  Most games tend to be 2-4 players, so it is a great game to play if you have a bigger group of kids.

Bug Trails is Great For Kids Who Like a Slower Paced Thinking Game

At first glance Bug Trails looks easy, but it actually involves a good deal of thinking to figure out the best move you can make on each turn.  Thinking involves time, so the downside is that it is a slower paced game.   Everyone takes a turn, so if you have 6 players, 1 player is playing and the other 5 are waiting.   This is probably why the game is rated for kids 6 and up, it does involve some patience and waiting for your turn.

On the plus side, kids are learning matching and visual discrimination skills.  You find yourself turning bug tiles in your mind, trying to figure out if you can make 3 legs match somehow – and this type of thought processing must be good for your mind!

Conclusion:  Bug Trails by Thinkfun

Bug Trails provides a fun twist on classic Dominoes, while teaching matching and visual orientation skills.   If you are looking for a fast paced game that the whole family can play at the same time, you would probably prefer Thinkfun’s Snack Attack! On the other hand, if you have kids ages 6 and up who tend to like card games and turn based strategy games, Bug Trails will be a welcome addition to your toy chest!

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Thinkfun Jr. Bug Trails - sells for $14.99

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