Crocs Crocband Sneakers for Men – Crocs Really Makes Sneakers?

Crocs Sneakers

Crocs Sneakers

Quick word association – what is the first thing you think of when I say “Crocs“?  My guess is that men’s sneakers was NOT what you came up with.  In fact, when Crocs contacted Dad Does and asked if we wanted to review their line of Men’s sneakers, we had to respond with, “Crocs makes more than just, well, Crocs?

Yes, Crocs Does Make Men’s Sneakers and They Are Insanely Light

Crocs make a line of Men’s Sneaker that are just 7 ounces.  To use Croc speak this is – uberlight!  You have the Hover Slip-on, Hover Lace-up,  Bowen and the Crocband sneakers.   The sneakers are all about style and comfort and really play on the light aspect with a series of videos showing the “7 ounce bounce”

Here is the Crocs video, done with professional stunt man Solomon Brende -

Cool Video, But We Are Dads, Not Stuntmen

Sure that video makes the Croc sneakers look very cool and hip – but we are Dads here – we need to know how these things hold up in the real world.    What could be more real world than heading out to the Queens Zoo in NYC with the family?

Here is the Dad Does video of Crocs Sneakers on a family day out…

I Don’t Know Anything About Fashion, But I Do Know Comfort When It Bites Me On the Toe

I cut the video short because I care about your sanity – but we did a ton more that day.  We didn’t even show our trip to Rizzo’s Pizza in Astoria and our stop at the Shake Shack for dessert.   We were out and walking about for over 10 hours.  My son’s Nintendo 3DS tracked that we took over 17,000 steps!

I don’t know the first thing about fashion, but I do know my feet felt good even after all that walking!  The Crocs sneakers are very light, but they still manages to provide some decent support.

Conclusion:  Crocs Sneakers for Men

I am a running sneakers type of guy.  I think I have spent about 95% of my walking life wearing running shoes.  When I first felt how light the Crocs Crocband sneakers were, I was concerned they would not have any support.  To my surprise, the Crocs sneakers have good support and are incredibly comfortable to wear.  I wouldn’t run a race in them, but they are great for walking around and they are more stylish than a running shoe.

I like my Crocs Sneakers and will continue to wear them and see how they hold up.  So far, so good and I would recommend the Crocs Crocband Sneakers – if anything changes as I continue to use them, I will update this review.

More Information:

The Crocs Sneakers start at about $50 and come in various styles.  Visit the Crocs Site for full information.   You can also checkout more videos on Crocs FaceBook page.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received a pair of Crocs sneakers to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy Crocs Sneakers. If you buy a pair of Crocs Sneakers and try to wear them to a wedding – we take no responsibilty for the horrified look your wife will shoot you. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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