No Product Reviews Today, Risk of Heart Attack Too High

Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Normally we would spend today like countless other days here…. testing out new products,  start writing up reviews, shooting review videos that make my wife wince, developing ADD by trying to use Twitter and Facebook, getting depressed about having ADD, searching Google for cures to “Adult Onset ADD caused by Twitter”, then finally back to finishing up the review – some 12 hours after we started.

However, today is not like any other day.  That dreaded and hurtful thing known as information has found its way into my mind.  According to a new study in Annals of Internal Medicine (one of my absolute favorite bathroom reads) it turns out that working long hours greatly increases your risk of heart disease.

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I know, the fact that working very long hours is not good for your health is not the most surprising news of the day.  We all know that working too much is not great for our health, but I had no idea it was so bad for my health.  The study found that people who work 11 or more hours a day have a 67% higher risk of heart disease than people who work 9 to 5.

Here is the scary part – the study was done on 7,095  British civil service workers.    The British?  With their nice accent and always saying “Mate” and “Chap“, the Brits seem so much less stressed than us Americans.  Imagine if this study was done on Americans?

Take A Break, Go Home, Tell Your Boss Your Saving Them Medical Cost

Next time your boss asks you to stay late, tell her you would love to, but you don’t want the company’s insurance premiums to go up when you have a heart attack.  Simply put, by skipping out of work at 5pm, you are just doing your part to keep insurance costs in check.

Sorry, no product reviews today – don’t want to hit that 11 hour work limit.  Instead, I will go home and hug and play with the kids.    That is, until they come out with a study that says that playing with your kids increases your risk of cancer.  I then go to Plan B – curl up in the fetal position all day.

Read More On The Heart Disease Study at ABC News

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