Portare Bag Review- Camera Bag, Backpack or Diaper Bag? Yes!

Portage camera bag

Portare Camera Bag

I am a Dad and I also like to take some photos and videos from time to time.   That may not seem like such a strange thing to all us parents, but I guess bag manufacturers find it very odd.   You can find diaper bags and backpacks to carry all the stuff we need for our kids.   You can also find $250 camera bags which are great for professional photographers.  What you can’t find is an affordable camera bag that also let’s you carry snacks and toys for the kids…until now.

Portare’ Camera Bag – The Camera Bag Made for Parents

The hardest thing about the Portaré Bag is describing it.  Is it a camera bag?  A backpack?  A computer bag?  A diaper bag?  It really is all of the above – a great bag for parents who like to take pictures.  What makes Portare’ different than other bags?  Let’s take a look at our video review to understand what the Portare’ is all about -

Portare’, The Little Bag That Could

When we were making the video we couldn’t help but be reminded of those cars at the circus where all the clowns keep coming out.  The Portare bag feels like one of those clown cars – you just keep pulling more stuff out of it.  The Portaré Bag holds a tremendous amount of things for a bag its size – which is fantastic because us parents carry a ridiculous amount of things around.

You Like Features?  Will Give You Features!

Portage camera bagFirst off, the Portaré Bag has an amazing amount of pockets and compartments.  Your biggest problem is going to be remembering which pocket you put your goodies in.   Another key feature is that the compartments can be customized by moving the velcro attached walls.  If you are carrying four lens for your DSLR camera you can use one configuration.  If you are carrying four juice boxes for the kids, you may use a different configuration.

As we mentioned in the video, the bag is filled with buckles which prevent someone from unzipping your bag while it is on your back.  This is a great security feature and one you will want if you have expensive computer and camera gear in the bag.

The Portare’ Bag has a good deal of padding on the back and wide shoulder straps to provide comfort while you lug your equipment around.  However, don’t let the good looks and comfort fool you, the bag is made of Ballistic material which is super strong.

We could go on and on about the features – like the built in rain cover – but we know what you really want to hear is how it worked in real world testing.

Portare Bag Takes a Beating and Keeps On… Bagging?

We spent a few weeks testing the bag out, both with camera equipment and kid equipment.  The bag worked great and we had no problem stuffing all of our gear into it.  If you want to bring a tripod along, you can clip it onto the side.

The bag is very well padded, so it was comfortable to wear.  Of course, if you are going to lug around 20 pounds of equipment all day it is going to get heavy, but the straps never dug into my shoulders – a problem I have had with other bags.

I had no problem putting my laptop and iPad in the Portare bag, but if you have a very large laptop, you may have some issues getting it into the bag.  The only downside we had was purely aesthetic – the bag has the name Portare’ plastered on it in several places.  I personally would have preferred a little more down key  marketing on the bag.

Making Sense of The Pricing on the Portare Bag

The Portare’ Bag sells for $139.  What is interesting is that some people react to how low that price is and others react to how high it is.  I think it all depends on how you view the Portare Bag.  If you are looking at the Portare Bag as a professional level camera bag, it is a bargain at $139.  On the other hand, if you are looking at it as a diaper bag or backpack, $139 can seem high.

We feel the $139 price is a very fair price because you are getting a camera bag, computer bag and diaper bag all in one.  Still, we know money can be tight, so we worked out a deal for Dad Does readers…

Think $139 is Too Much for the Portare Bag? How About $79

You are a Dad Does reader – which means you are super cool and everyone knows super cool people don’t pay retail!  We managed to get the folks at Portare to give us an exclusive coupon for $60 off, only for Dad Does Readers…

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Order Direct at:  Portare’ Bags

We want to be clear about one thing – we make absolutely nothing if you buy the Portare Bag and we were NOT paid to do this review.  We just love the bag and wanted to get you the best deal possible.  We have a strict policy of never making money off the products we review.

$79 Too Much for a Portare Bag?  How About $0?

Man you drive a hard bargain – but that’s cool, we got you covered.  We got our friends at Portare to agree to giveaway one bag to a lucky reader!

How Do You Enter To Win the Portare Bag?

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Conclusion:  Portare Multi-Use Camera Bag

If you don’t carry around much equipment, you probably do not need a $139 bag.  However, if you are a parent and carry around more than just a pocket camera, you need to get the Portare Bag! If you have a SLR or DSLR, the Portare bag is wonderful quality camera bag at a very fair price.  Parents will love that you can also stash all types of things for the kids in the bag and customize the compartments as needed.  The Portare bag comes in three different colors, so pick the style that works best for you and enjoying wearing your camera/computer/diaper bag!

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Portare’ Bags – Sells for around $139, but use Coupon Code DADDOES60 to save $60!

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received a Portare Bag to review and they will supply one bag for our giveaway. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy a Portare Bag.  If you buy a Portare bag and suddenly become a famous photographer, please take a picture of a big orange D and send it to us.  This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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