Review: Skippity by Mindware, Does Jumping and Stacking Equal Fun?


Skippity by Mindware

After walking the endless aisles of Toy Fair 2011 in NYC in February we came away with two observations.  First, with over 100,000 products on display – there is clearly no shortage of toys.  Second, with over 100,000 products on display – there is clearly no shortage of copycat toys!  I love Uno and Monopoly, but how many different versions of each game do we really need?  With all the duplication and “me to” toys we are always excited to find a truly new toy like Skippity from Mindware, to review.

Skippity – The Child of Checkers and Skittles?

Skippity at first glance looks likes what you would get if Checkers and Skittles got together and had a baby.  You have a grid like board, like checkers – but the board has 100 spaces, with 6 different colors.  The pieces look like checkers pieces, except there are 5 different colors.

The idea of Skippity is to jump to capture pieces and stack to win.  Up to 4 players can play at a time and the goal is to be the player at the end who has collected the most sets of skippers (one complete set of skippers is made up of all five colored skippers).  You can jump on every turn, and you can use any piece.

The easiest way to understand Skippity is to see it in action.  Here is a quick video of Skippity

Skippity – Simple To Learn,  But Fun to Play

As the above video shows, the basic gameplay of Skippity is easy to understand.  You jump over pieces, and any piece you jump over you capture.  Skippity is for ages 5 and up, and younger kids will love jumping pieces on every turn and building their stack of skippers.  There is something about stacking the colorful skippers that kids just love!

For the older kids (and the parents) there is actually a good amount of strategy involved.  Do you go for the triple jump that gives you three green skippers or a single jump that gives you the one red skipper that you need to complete your set?  Also, once you do that triple jump, are you leaving your brother in the perfect position to get two reds and a blue that he needs to complete his sets?

Every Game Says “Fun for the Whole Family”, But Skippity Lives Up to The Claim

One of the true challenges for parents of multiple kids is finding games that the whole family can play.  It seems as if every board game says “Fun for the Whole Family”, but our experience shows this is not usually the case.  Skippity on the other hand, really is a fun game for the whole family to play…as long as you family is not more than four people.

The strategy aspect of Skippity will appeal to the older kids.  The colorful board, colorful pieces, skipping on every turn and stacking skippers will appeal to the younger players.  Parents will also like that kids are learning about patterns, planning and observations.

Conclusion: Skippity from Mindware

Skippity is a rare find – an original new board game that really is great fun for the whole family.  The ability to jump on every move keeps the game interesting for younger kids.  The clever scoring system where you only get points for a complete color set, keeps older kids (and Moms and Dads) interested in the game.

If you are looking for a battery free game that is simple to learn but fun to play for kids ages 5 and up, Skippity is an excellent choice.

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More Information:

Skippity from Mindware – sells for around $19

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received Skippity to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy Skippity. If you find you are craving Skittles after playing Skippity, don’t blame us. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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