Tandars Interactive Pet – Hands On Review – Cute or Creepy?

Tandar Interactive Pet

Tandars Pet

I feel like Tandars Interactive Pets have been stalking us.  We first saw this big eyed animatronic pet at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES) and featured him in our article on Top Toys for Kids from CES 2011.  We had just about stopped dreaming about Tandars when he popped his head up and scared us at Toy Fair 2011 in NYC.

Wait a minute, maybe Tandars are not stalking us – we are stalking them!  Well, mission accomplished for Dad Does – we finally captured not one, but two Tandars to test out.

Let’s take a look at the video of Tandars in action -

How Did You React to the Tandars Video?

After watching the video, my guess is you are saying one of two things… “Tandars look so cute, where can I get one?” or “Wow, now I am going to have nightmares, that big eyed thing was creepy!”  I have to say when I first saw them, I was leaning toward creepy – but after spending some time with them and seeing the kids play with Tandars, I am now firmly in the cute camp.

In the end, it may not matter what us parents think – the kids will be begging for them.  Tandars are made by some of the same team that made Furby and if history is a lesson, we will all be spending our November paying some jerk on eBay, who hoarded the Tandars in July, 10 times the retail price.

What Are Tandars?

Tandars are animatronic pets that are based on the Tarsier, a small primate from southeast Asia…with big eyes.  Tandars have soft fur that you can comb (comb included), but under the skin is some advanced electronics.  Tandars can talk (their own language) and move their head, eyes, ears and mouth.  They have sensors on their body so they can respond to touch and eye sensors as well.  As you see in the video, if you quickly put your hand in front of a Tandar it will blink and turn away.

Tandar pets have different moods – they can be happy, scared, playful, hungry, etc.  By interacting with your Tandar pet, you will influence his/her mood.   Your Tandar, in addition to talking, may also make some strange bodily sounds, which kids will of course love,  like burping, sneezing and farting.  If your Tandar gets hungry, just plug his USB tail into your computer and he will start charging.

What is Cuter Than a Tandar?  Many Tandars Together!

Tandar Interactive Pet

As shown in the video, Tandars can see each other and will have a conversation in the bizarre Tandars language.  It is very cute (and just a touch scary) to watch the Tandars talk to each other.  Their mouths move, eyes blink and they can even turn their head.  It really looks like the Tandars are interacting with each other.

Praise the Lord – There is a Volume Switch – Cue Parents Rejoice

There are some talking toys in my house that I am absolutely positive were created by therapists – to force me into expensive therapy.  Thankfully for us parents, there are three different volume levels for Tandars – so when the talking gets a little too much, you can make him use his quieter indoor voice.  When you just can’t take it anymore, you can also put him in sleep mode.

Conclusion:  Tandars Animatronic Pet

Some people will look at Tandars and just be freaked out by it – but my guess is that will be the minority.  Tandar Pets grow on you.  They are soft, and incredibly realistic with their movements.  The technology is impressive, but the best part is that all that impressive technology is hidden in a cute, plush toy.

The guy at Yoha Technology that came up with the idea of Tandars talking to each other should get a raise – pure marketing genius.  Having two Tandars is fun and the kids loved watching the Tandars talk to each other.   I think as parents we are going to be talked into getting not one Tandar, but multiple Tandars.

We are holding off on giving a final rating for Tandars because they will not be available until June or July.  Once full production units are ready we will give our final rating.  Judging from the fun my kids had playing with Tandars, there is an excellent chance they will become an endangered species when the holidays roll around.

More Information:

Learn more at Tandars.Com On sale in June 2011 for about $49

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