Product Review: Snack Attack! Will It Satisfy Your Appetite for Fun?

Snack Attack from Thinkfun

Snack Attack from Thinkfun

As we wandered the Toy Fair 2011 in NYC searching for new toys, we often forget to eat.  It was for this reason, that we found the demo of Snack Attack! from ThinkFun such a tease.  To be honest, during Toy Fair I was less interested in learning about a game that had ice cream and popcorn tokens and more interested in finding some ice cream and popcorn to eat before  I passed out.

Luckily, we did survive Toy Fair, and we have now had a chance to fully review Snack Attack! in a real world, less food deprived setting.  By now you are either very hungry for ice cream and popcorn or wondering what in the world is this Snack Attack! game?

What is Snack Attack?

Snack Attack is a new game from ThinkFun and part of their new ThinkFun Jr line.   Thinkfun has a great reputation for making fun games that also make you think.  Most of the Thinkfun games have been for kids ages 8 and up, so it is great to see their new Thinkfun Jr line which gives younger kids an opportunity to get in on the fun!

Snack Attack! is is a fast-paced picture matching, token stacking challenge game for up to 6 players (ages 4 and up).   Each player gets a snack plate that has pictures of various snacks.  One player is the “Chef” – he/she spins the Snack Attack! Spinner Platter and the Snack Tokens magically appear.   Each player then calls out any snacks that match the snacks on their plate and they then get to add the snack to their plate.   Every time a snack goes on your plate, you flip the snack over (which reveals a different snack), so you are always looking for new snacks.  Play continues on as players try to stack the most snacks on their plate to win.

Here is a short video to better show how Snack Attack! works –

Why “Everyone Plays” is The Perfect Tag Line

Thinkfun has the tag line “Everyone Plays” and we think this is a fantastic idea.   In doing numerous toy reviews, we have found that games that require players to “wait for their turn to play” can be frustrating, especially for younger children.  One of the elements we look for in a toy or game is – can everyone play at the same time?

Snack Attack! definitely has everyone playing at the same time.  There is no waiting or downtime with this game, it is fast paced as you need to shout out the food name before the other players.  In our testing, Snack Attack! kept the kids attention and they loved to play it.

Kids Have So Much Fun They Forget That They Are Learning

As a Dad, I love the idea of a toy being educational, but I know it has to be fun first or the kids will never play it.  Snack Attack! is so much fun that kids will probably not realize how much they are learning!  Don’t tell the kids, but Snack Attack! teaching matching, visual recognition, memory and concentration, fine motor skills and of course winning and losing.

Pros of Snack Attack:

  • Fun for The Whole Family – Younger and Older Kids Enjoy Playing
  • Everyone Plays At The Same Time – No Downtime
  • Fast Paced Game
  • Teaches Important Skills While Kids Play
  • No Batteries – Simple To Setup and Play

Cons of Snack Attack:

  • Snack Attack Spinner Platter Sometimes Jams
  • Can Make Kids (and Adults) Hungry :)

Conclusion:  Snack Attack! from ThinkFun

Snack Attack! is a fast paced game, that kids from ages 4-12 can have a blast playing.  Parents will love that it teaches memory, matching and visual recognition and kids will love that they get to play on every turn and it is fun!  On the downside, the spinner does jam from time to time, but it is not a major problem.

Snack Attack! is a fun twist on the standard matching games.  Older kids may get bored after playing for a long time, but our testing showed that kids of all ages really enjoyed playing Snack Attack! and we had a hard time getting them to stop.   If you are looking for a fun game for ages 4 and up, that also teaches important thinking skills – Snack Attack! is an excellent choice.

Snack Attack! from Thinkfun Gets 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

4 D Rating - Well Done

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More Information:

Thinkfun Jr. Snack Attack!- sells for around $20

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received Snack Attack! to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy Snack Attack! If you were trying to diet, but found that just reading the review made you snack on a box of Girl Scout cookies – sorry. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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