Treefies Prove Being An Adorable Plush Toy Can Be Good For the Planet


Treefies Plush Toys

We first saw Treefies at the Toy Fair in NYC and wrote briefly about them in our  article on the Top 7 Green Toys from Toy Fair 2011.   We have now had a chance to play with the Treefies for a while and we are very impressed!

Treefies – The Plush Toy With a Planet Saving Twist


At first glance, Treefies look like a WebKinz type toy.  There are a number of different Treefies, so the idea is that your kids will want to collect them all.  Each Treefie comes with a unique code that you enter onto the Treefies website to unlock games and other activities.

What makes Treefies so special and very different than Webkinz like toys is that Treefies have an incredibly strong green message.  For every Treefie you purchase a real live tree is planted to help offset the impact of CO2 on our planet.  In addition, the whole Treefie online world is packed with information and games about helping the planet and learning about global warming.

If Your Kids Are Going To Collect Something, Why Not Be Green About It?

Let’s be honest, at some point our kids will break us down and convince us to buy some collectible things that they just “must have”.  Rather than feeling like a defeated parent, we can tell our kids to collect Treefies and secretly teach them about the environment.

The Treefies online world is not the most advanced software, but it does provide some fun games and good information.  You can track your collection of Treefies and print a certificate showing that a tree was planted in your honor.   Even if the tree that is planted does not end up having a huge impact on CO2 , the whole concept of Treefies gets our kids thinking about protecting the planet and that is a great thing.

We Are Giving Away 8 of These Super Cute Treefies


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Conclusion:  Treefies – The Cute Collectibles With the Positive Message

As a plush toy, Treefies are cute and my kids love them.  The green message of Treefies, both in planting trees and the information on the online site is terrific.  At only $6 each, Treefies are affordable and provide the perfect way to make learning about saving the planet fun!

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Treefies Plush Toys - around $6 each

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