D-Link DCS-930L Wireless N Camera Review – Do You Know What Your Kids Are Doing?

D-Link DCS-930 Wireless Camera

D-Link DCS-930 Wireless Camera

Moms and Dads are certainly no strangers to surveillance cameras.  Many of us have used simple wireless camera systems to look and listen in on our precious ones as they sleep…or don’t sleep!   As technology moves forward, things are starting to get interesting in the world of surveillance cameras and today we review the D-Link DCS-930L Wireless N Camera.

At Dad Does,  We Don’t Care About Tech Specs, We Care About “Parent Specs”

The D-Link Wireless camera has a bunch of sophisticated technology built into it, but we are not going to focus on that.  If you want to read tech specs, just jump over to the D-Link site and read away.   We simply want to know if the D-Link Wireless Camera can make a busy Mom or Dad’s life easier or less hectic.

Let’s start by looking at a video showing the features and functions of the D-Link Wireless Camera –

D-Link DCS-930L Shows That Hi-Tech Doesn’t Have to be Hi-Stress

I love hi-tech gadgets, but they don’t often love me back.  Many gadgets require frequent firmware upgrades and a close personal relationship with technical support.  I am very happy to say this is NOT the case with the D-Link Wireless camera.  This is very impressive since the camera contains its own CPU and web-server!

After living with the D-Link Wireless camera for a few weeks I can honestly say that it performs as advertised without requiring any work on my part.

Check in On Your House or The Kids – Anytime, Anywhere

Once you do the initial setup of the camera, which is very easy, you simply need to decide where to place the wireless camera.   The camera uses its CPU and web-server to send video and audio via your wireless router, so your computer at home does not need to be on for the camera to work.

In terms of range from your wireless router, if your computer can get a signal, the D-Link camera will have no problem connecting to the network.  With the camera in place, you can check in on your house at anytime – via any computer, by using the myDlink web program that was shown in the above video.  In addition, you can view your camera via a DLink app for the iPhone and Android phones.  The only strange thing is that you can not hear audio when using the apps.

Want To Go Crazy Secret Agent on Your Kids? No Problem!

My guess is most parents will go with the basic setup and just use the camera to check in on the kids or their house.  However, if you do want to get advanced, the myDlink software does have features like emailing you when there is any motion in selected zones.  You can also have the camera snap photos at different intervals and email the photos or upload them to a FTP site.

The D-Link DCS-930 also comes with the D-ViewCam software, which provides very advanced surveillance options.  You can use this software to record video from the camera (or multiple cameras if you have a few setup) and email you based on certain trigger events.

PROS of the D-Link DCS-930 Wireless N Camera:

  • Easy Setup.  No Messing  With IP addresses and Permissions
  • No PC needed – Camera Has CPU and Web Server Built-In
  • Simple myDlink Web Based Software for Easy Viewing from Any PC
  • iPhone and Android App for Remote Viewing by Phone
  • Motion Detection, Email Notification and Auto FTP Uploading of Images and Video

CONS of the D-Link DCS-930 Wireless N Camera:

  • Not great quality in low light settings
  • No ability to remotely rotate or move camera
  • No audio in the iPhone app
  • No battery pack option, must be close to an AC outlet

Conclusion:  D-Link DCS-930L Wireless N Camera

We really enjoyed using the D-Link Wireless N Camera.  The setup was a snap and while the camera and software have some sophisticated technology, it is incredibly easy to use.   Most of our issues with the camera were minor and our issue of low quality in low light is being addressed by the D-Link DCS-932L which uses Infrared technology to allow you to see in the dark.

If you need to do monitor a room that is dark, perhaps you should wait for the DCS-932L.  If you will be monitoring a decently lit room,  and you are looking for a simple to setup camera that you can view remotely from any computer, iPhone or Android phone, the D-Link DCS-930L is an excellent choice.

More Information:

Read about the D-Link DCS-930L Wireless Camera, it sells for about $70

Note:  Amazon Has The D-Link DCS 930L  on Sale for  $66 (click for details)

D-Link DCS-930L Wireless N Camera Gets 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

4 D Rating - Well Done

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