Yes, Yes I Do Need a 9 1/2 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

RC Shark

RC Bald Eagle from Hammacher and Schlemmer

I have two great kids, an incredible wife, a relatively clean pair of socks on – by all accounts I should be a happy Dad.   The sad truth is that something was missing from my life,  but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was…until I got a press release from Hammacher Schlemmer today.  Now it is so clear to me,  I could hit myself for not figuring this out years ago – I was stumbling through life without a 9 1/2 Foot Remote Controlled Bald Eagle!

What Would We Do Without Hammacher Schlemmer?

There are so many companies out there trying to solve practical problems and coming up with cost saving measures to help people through this recession…and then there is Hammacher Schlemmer.

“Continuing its 163-year history of offering the Best, the Only and the Unexpected, Hammacher Schlemmer introduces The 9 1/2′ Remote Controlled Bald Eagle, an engine and propeller-powered prodigious avian that soars up to 100′ in the air.

The eagle’s 9 1/2′ wingspan creates an airfoil that catches the wind to provide lift and enable broad turns. The 9 1/2′ Remote Controlled Bald Eagle’s engine weighs less than one ounce yet it generates more than 30X its weight in thrust to replicate the bird of prey’s rapid dives and powerful soaring.”

-Hammacher Schlemmer Press Release 3/8/11

Hammacher Schlemmer, You Had Me At “Prodigious Avian”

My addiction to remote control flying things has been well documented on this site.   So, if ever there was an audience for a 9 1/2′ foot RC Eagle it would be me – but I think I see a problem with this bird.  A price tag of $499 for a toy you will probably break  the first time you fly?  Nope, no problem there – those $100 bills have been weighing down my pants anyway.   Clearly, the problem here is what would I feed a 9 1/2 Foot RC Eagle?

Wait a minute, crazy Toy Fair 2011 toy to the rescue…

The RC Bald Eagle Could Eat This Giant RC Clown Fish

RC Fish

That is unless this Giant RC Shark Gets the Clown Fish First –

RC Shark

Wow, I think my brain just exploded!  Funny, I used to think RC Helicopters were cool – but that is so 2010 now.

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