Product Review: Artterro Creative Art Kits, Proving Materials Do Matter

Artterro Eco Art Kits

I think I have some vague memory of what the sun looks like.  It is purple, right?  It seems that everyday it is just a question of what type of precipitation we will get – rain, sleet, snow or a lovely mix of all.  As a Dad, all this bad weather had me asking one earth shattering question…”What activity can I find for the kids to do before we all go insane!

Artterro Creativity Kit To The Rescue

I first learned about the Arterro art kits when we covered the Natural Products East Expo and then saw them again at Toy Fair 2011.   We named the Artterro Art Kits as one of the Top 7 Green Toys from Toy Fair 2011, and when it started to rain again this weekend, I decided it was time to do a full product review of the Artterro art kit.

Watch Our Video Review of the Artterro Creativity Kit -

Materials Matter

Hopefully it was clear in the video that the major advantage that Artterro Kits have over other arts and craft kits is the quality of the materials.  The felt is real felt and feels great.  The paper is so pretty, I actually felt a little guilty cutting it to use in projects.  In fact, I think that Artterro should change its tag line from “Art of the Earth” to “Materials Matter“!

I have a soft spot for any products that make the effort to give our kids authentic materials.  We were impressed with the Dr Cool Science Geode Kits for using high quality geodes and we are very impressed with the authentic, natural and beautiful materials in the Artterro kits.

Artterro Kits Provide Open Ended Fun

Artterro makes a number of different kits and they all come with an idea sheet, but the idea is really to just make whatever you want.   You will not find plans for your  kids to follow, which would just cause frustration when their project does not turn out like in the plans.   My kids never even glanced at the idea sheet, they just had a great time making whatever they wanted.

Conclusion:  Artterro Creativity Art Kits

The Artterro Art Kits are a perfect example of how lots of little things can make a big difference.   The felt wool is real wool.  The paper is thick and beautiful.  The beads and wire look great and are high quality.  All packaging and printing is eco-friendly.  All these elements, when added together sum up to an Art Kit that kids will love.

Hopefully that big, beautiful purple sun will return one of these days, but until it does, at least we can make some beautiful art projects.

More Information:

Artterro Creativity Kits sell for about $15 and up.

Artterro Creativity Kit Gets 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

4 D Rating - Well Done

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Dad Does Approved

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received an Artterro Kit to use and review. We were paid absolutely nothing for doing this review. We do not make any money if you decide to buy an Artterro Eco Art Kit. If you do get an art kit and your son or daughter becomes a famous artist, please invite us to their first art show. This is a real review, by a real Dad and his kids!

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