Product Review: The Seal Shield Waterproof Keyboard vs The Public Library

Seal Shield Washable Keyboard

The Seal Shield Keyboard—Tested, Tried and True

Seal Shield Waterproof Keyboard

By Noelle, Librarian Extraordinaire

Dan here – in case you missed it we first talked about the Seal Shield Waterproof keyboard here.  A keyboard that you can throw in the dishwasher?  This we had to test.  We decided to give it a true torture test – a few weeks in a public library.  Noelle, tells us how it went…

Have you heard a story like this one?  Not too long ago, my co-worker related how she spilled an entire glass of wine over her keyboard at home and completely fritzed it.  I am sure something similar has happened to you or to someone you know.

No Matter Sneeze or Cough or Coffee or Water…Nothing Stops the Seal Shield!

At the public library I work for, we replaced our regular keyboard and mouse with the Seal Shield items on one of our most heavily used Children’s Room computers.  These computers get used by multiple people every day, mainly children, complete with sticky fingers covered with germs, munching food or slurping drinks.  Sneezing or coughing on the keyboards and screens is commonplace (and if you think the kids are bad, the adults are actually worse).

Seal Shield Washable Keyboard

Most of the people who used the new keyboard didn’t even notice we had swapped it—which is a huge plus.  There is no difference in the keyboard, so users just continued on as normal.

The Scariest of Testers: Teenage Boys!

Here’s what happened when we let a few of our young teens on the computer, and then how the clean up worked.

Shocking Video – Did The Seal Shield Survive???

Notice that the keyboard worked immediately afterwards.  No waiting for it to dry or getting every bit of water out of the crevices.  In the video, when we washed the keyboard, we forgot to cover the USB connector on the keyboard with the Patented Seal Cap (the thing hanging off the cable).  The keyboard still worked fine, but if you put the seal cap on you can fully submerse the keyboard or even throw it in the dishwasher!

The Verdict

So after a few weeks of testing out the keyboard and mouse under the regular harsh conditions of pounding by many adults, teens and young children, I can attest that the Seal Shield Keyboard lives up to its name.  It is sturdy, still works even after having liquid spilled directly onto it, and is easy to clean.  I especially liked the detail of being able to unplug the keyboard from the cord instead of reaching around the back of the computer to unplug the entire unit with the cord from the CPU.  It made clean up a snap!  Definitely highly recommended for anyone, anywhere.  I wish my library had one for every computer.

More Information:

We tested the Seal Shield SSK107 Keyboard, it sells for about $30

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