Top 7 Cool New Science Kits for Kids From Toy Fair 2011

7's Are Wild at Dad Does

7's Are Wild at Dad Does

Seven’s are wild at Dad Does.  It started with Top 7 New Ways to Shoot Something from Toy Fair 2011, but maybe that was a little too violent for your taste.  We quickly followed up with the Top 7 Green Toys from Toy Fair 2011.   Still, I get the strong sense that your appetite for lists of seven is insatiable!  Don’t worry, we are here to feed you…

Top 7 Cool New Science Kits From Toy Fair 2011

Toy Fair 2011 was absolutely stuffed with cool science kits, but alas everyone knows a toy list can only have seven items.  Today we feature new science kits for 2011 that caught our eye at Toy Fair.  I am sure we missed some fine science kits, so we will start working on a future article – “Top 7 Cool Science Kits That Were Not Mentioned in Our Top 7 Cool New Science Kits Article” – man, I love a catchy title.

#1. The Magic School Bus Microscope Lab by The Young Scientists Club

Magic School Bus Microscope Lab

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge this science kit by its box!  This science kit fits completely in a cardboard version of the Magic School Bus – how cool it that?  Inside the bus is a fully functional Microscope lab.  You get a real working microscope, fungi and algae slides, 20 colorful experiment cards, blank slides, cover slips, collecting vial… you get the idea -everything your kids need to use and enjoy a microscope.

Magic School Bus Microscope Lab for Ages 5 and up, Retails for about $40

UPDATE:  We Now Have a Full Review of the Magic School Bus Microscope Lab Here.

#2. Spectacular Science by Thames and Kosmos

Spectacular Science

What do you get when you mix a science kit, comic book and do-it-yourself science show script together?  You get Spectacular Science from Thames & Kosmos.  The kit includes everything you need to put on your very own science show, right down to a 64-page, full color, comic-book style manual that guides you through the presentation and performance of 25 shows.  Add a video camera and you can start posting your own science shows online!

Major kudos to Thames & Kosmos for adding a huge dose of cool and hip to a science kit, which is sure to keep older kids more interested in science.  The kit is for ages 12+ and we can’t wait to see some of the wacky science shows that start popping up on YouTube when this comes out!

Due Out Summer 2011, Pricing Not Released

#3. Wild! Science Fantasy Island by International Playthings

Wild Science Fantasy Island

Take a good look at that photo, yes that is a real Betta fish in there.  If you have incredibly strong eyes, you will see there are real ants in there as well.  No wonder this product is called Wild Science! Fantasy Island.  Kids create their own Zoological Theme Park and in doing so learn about science and animal behavior.

I have to say that seeing real fish and ants in this kit made me do a double take at Toy Fair 2011.  If you have kids who love animals and love learning science by observing, this is a great alternative to the traditional “test tube” science kits.

Fantasy Island by International Playthings is for children ages eight years and up and retails for $49.99

UPDATE: We now have a full review of the Wild! Science Fantasy Island here!

#4. Dr Cool Science – Ultimate Science Geodes Kits

Dr Cool Science Geodes Kit

If I had a nickle for every geode kit I saw at Toy Fair, I might have had enough money to buy a hot dog at the Toy Fair (note:  Hot dogs at the Javits Center are wicked expensive!).  Clearly there are no shortage of geode kits, but what impressed us with the Dr Cool Science kit was the quality of the geodes – they look fantastic.

Dr Cool Science was founded by a husband and wife team who have spent the better part of 25 years hunting for rocks and minerals.  For the Ultimate Science kit, they purchase geodes from three different mines so your kids will be able to discover the subtle difference between geodes.   Take a look at this clip –

As a Dad I really appreciate a company who takes the time to create an authentic experience for my kids.   If we are going to teach our kids about rocks and minerals, let’s do it with kits that provide the best samples so our kids can have that “wow” experience when they crack their first geode open.

Ultimate Science Kit by Dr Cool Science Retails for $50, The Basic Science Kit is $30, Ages: 8+

#5. Space Age Crystal Growing Kit by Kristal Education

Space Age Crystal Growing Kit

Cracking open a geode and finding a crystal inside is fun, but growing your own crystals is almost magical.  The problem with most grow your own crystal kits is that they take forever for the crystals to grow and you end up with small and unimpressive crystals.

The Kristal Education Space Age Crystal kits have two claims to fame – the crystals start to grow within hours and they grow to be up to 6 inches in diameter.   The downside to this is that they use some serious chemicals to get rapid growth, so these kits are best for kids 12+ and even then an adult should supervise.   Still, we saw the crystals at Toy Fair 2011 and they were impressive!

The Kristal Education Space Age Crystal Kits, Grows 6 Crystals – Retail Price About $25.

#6. My First Outer Space Science Kit by Scientific Explorer

My First Outer Space Science Kit

Space is big, huge, enormous – in many ways too expansive for kids to grasp.  Enter My First Outer Space Science Kit by Scientific Explorer.   This kit allows kids to bring outdoor space indoors.  The kit has everything that kids need to make displays of stars and planets right in their own room.

While sticking planets and stars all over the walls and ceiling is fun for kids, us parents can enjoy the fact that they will be learning about space as they have fun.

My First Outer Space Science Kit by Scientific Explorer sells for about $20

#7. The Science Behind…Magic by Amazing! Toys

The Science Behind Magic by Amazing! Toys

I have two addictions in life – remote control helicopters and magic tricks.  Other people go to Las Vegas and blow their money playing slots, I blow mine buying magic tricks.  So, a kit that teaches the science behind magic, well that makes my addiction seem a little less pathetic.

The Science Behind… Magic teaches kids cool things like how to levitate an object, make water disappear, read peoples minds and perform feats of super strength.  Kids will love the magic and Moms and Dads will love the scientific explanations.

The Science Behind… Magic by Amazing! Toys is Due Out Summer 2011 and will cost $20

These Are Previews… Not Reviews!

There you have it, 7 Cool New Science Kits for Kids from Toy Fair 2011. As our regular readers know, and no doubt tired of hearing, we never offer a full review and a rating until we have had a chance to test a product in a real world setting. You can read our post on Reviews and Previews to learn how Dad Does handles product reviews. We do hope to do full real world reviews on the products mentioned in this post in the coming weeks.

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