7 New Toys from Toy Fair, For When You Just Want to Shoot Something

Toy Fair 2011 Coverage

Toy Fair 2011 Coverage

We saw some amazing education toys at Toy Fair 2011, but we will not be writing about that today.  We also saw some impressive socially responsible toys at Toy Fair, but we will not be writing about that either today.  Sometimes you just want to shoot things and THAT is what we will be talking about today!

7 New Ways to Shoot Your Siblings Targets

In order to make this list the toy had to be new for 2011.   Of course Nerf guns own the “let’s shoot things” category, but in this article we look at what is new and a step beyond Nerf.  These toys are for kids 8 and up and of course caution should be taken with any toy that fires some type of ammo.  If you have a problem with toys that shoot things, skip this article and we will see you tomorrow!   If you are still with us, on to the list…

#1. Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 by Jakks PacificMax Force by Jakks Pacific

Ever wish you could accurately fire a spit-ball at a sibling target 100 feet away?  Wish no longer!  The Max Force line from Jakks Pacific shoots “paper pellets” from 35 – 100 feet.  The line has the Max Force Blowgun 35, Max Force Maximizer 60 and pictured above, the nasty looking Max Force Shadow Hawk 100.

We saw prototypes of the guns at Toy Fair 11, so we can can’t speak to how well they work, but if they work as promised, prepare to see your house covered in spit balls paper pellets.  Due out, Fall 2011.

UPDATE: Click Here for Our Full Hands-On Review and Video of the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100

#2. Xploderz – When You Just Feel Like Blasting Someone With Gel Balls

Xploderz 2000

I have to say, playing with the Xploderz line was one of the most enjoyable meetings I had at Toy Fair.  Maybe that had something to do with the fact that they gave me a beer and let me blast away at targets with their new Xploderz line of guns.

The Xploderz line uses an ingenious ammo system – you start with tiny pellets and add water to “grow” your own ammo.  This means you can easily carry around hundreds of pieces of ammo in a small bag and when you are ready to use them, just add water and they grow into gel balls.

The tiny gel balls break apart when they hit their target, because let’s be honest, our kids are not just going to shoot at targets, they will shoot at each other!  While I am not recommending anyone shoot at other people, the gel balls really don’t hurt when you are hit with them and I was assured that they would not take an eye out!

The Xploderz line has a number of different size guns with varying range and amounts of ammo that they can hold.   After trying them all out at Toy Fair, my favorite was the XRanger 2000 with a 85 foot range and nice accuracy…even after you have had a beer.

The Xploderz Line is available in stores now.

UPDATE: Click Here for Our Full Hands-On Review and Video of the Xploderz Blasters.

#3.  Marshmallow Double Barrel Shooter

Marshmallow Double Barrel Shooter

If you want to peg someone who is 50+ feet away, you need to go with the spit ball or water gel technology, but get someone within 30 feet and you can unleash a barrage of tiny marshmallows on them!  The new Double Barrel Shooter from Marshmallow Fun Company has two chambers, so each pump puts a marshmallow in flight, alternating between chambers.  This means you can load this bad boy up with 40 marshmallows and with rapid fire action torment your kids fill a cup of hot chocolate, that is 30 feet away, with a bunch of marshmallows.

The Marshmallow Double Shooter is available now.

#4. Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow by Zing Toys

Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

Let’s face it, some days you just want to go old school.  The Z-Curve Bow in the Air Hunterz series by Zing Toys allows you to fire a foam arrow up to 125 feet.  The set comes with a target and I did fire this one off a few times at Toy Fair and it was fun!  The set includes two long range arrows plus one suction cup arrow…for when you want your dart to stick on someone or something! As a lefty, I really appreciate that this bow and arrow can be fired either lefty or righty.

The Z-Curve Bow is available now.

#5. Air Hunterz Zing Shot by Zing Toys

Air Hunterz Zing Shot

Bow and Arrow not old school enough for you?  How about a sling shot?  The Zing Shot can fire foam balls over 45 feet and here is the part that parents will love - the Zing Shot will ONLY fire the foam balls it comes with!   The foam balls have a special cut out in them, and they are the only things that will fit in the sling shot.  If your kids try to put something else in, like say a rock, it will not do much.

The Z-Curve Zing Shot should be available Spring 2011.

#6. Air Hunterz Benda’ Blaster Popshotz from Zing Toys

Benda' Blaster by AirHunterz Zing Toys

Dads, we put the Benda’ Blaster on this list for one simple reason – if you are going to be shooting your kids with blasters, arrows and marshmallows – you have to assume they are going to try to come after you.  To protect yourself you need a Nerf type gun with a twist…or a bend.  The Benda’ Blaster can be bent to shoot behind you or around walls.  It only has a 30 foot range, but that sneaky bending action might be just what you need in a war with the kids!

Benda’ Blaster by Zing Toys should be available in Spring 2011

#7. Foamstrike Flame Thrower by Monkey Business Sports

Flame Thrower Foamstrike

You ever look at a football field and say, “Boy I wish I could fire something the length of this field” if so then the FoamStrike Flame Thrower from Monkey Business Sports is for you!  The Flame Thrower has a range of 100 YARDS!  I was not able to try the Flame Thrower at Toy Fair, but I did try a number of the Compound Bows and Slingshots that they had at the booth and they were great fun.

Availability of the Foamstrike Flame Thrower is Fall 2011

These Are Previews… But Do We Have An Idea for Some Full Reviews!

As our regular readers know, we never offer a full review and a rating until we have had a chance to test a product in a real world setting.  You can read our post on Reviews and Previews to learn how Dad Does handles product reviews.  We do have a great idea to do a full review of these products… we get all the weapons, about 8 teenage kids, an open field and some video cameras… and see what happens!

As the weather gets better, we will try to put together a full review of all of these shooting toys in action.   It will be great to see how kids use them and what they prefer and why.  For now, us Moms and Dads should practice our ducking, I think it is a skill that will serve us well in the near future.

Have A Comment?  Have A Toy to Add To The List?  Let Us Know!

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