Dad Does Believes Giveaways Should Be Giveaways!

Enter to Win

Enter to Win

If you spend any time reading product review blogs you have no doubt come across the “giveaway post”.   The post starts out innocent enough, the blogger has found a great product and is looking to do a giveaway.  Sounds great, who doesn’t like getting something for free?

The problem is that in order to enter the giveaway you need to follow 2 people on Twitter, like 3 others on Facebook, leave a comment explaining who you liked and followed and then stand on your head and say the alphabet backwards while drinking the blood of the 13th person you followed today.

Giveaways Should Not Be Workaways!

Okay, maybe it is not quite that bad, but these giveaways sure do involve a lot of work!  At Dad Does we have decided to take a very different approach to giveaways.   All you have to do is Join Us — requires just your email, 100% free and takes about 6 seconds.  You see, any member of DadDoes.Com is always entered into any giveaway we do. So, just  Join Us once and you are automatically entered in any giveaway we ever do — simple — right?

No hoops to jump through, no work to do – simple sit back and open the email from us that says “You Have Won…”

But What Are We Giving Away?

At Dad Does we get lots of neat products to giveaway to our members.  We have given away Photo Books, Toys, Gadgets, Health Food Products and more.  In addition, we also get exclusive coupons and discounts that we giveaway to our members.

Is There More to Dad Does Than Just Giveaways?

Of course!  When you become a member, birds sing, the clouds part and life gets better :) Ever have a problem with a company? You let us know, we will get your back, and shout at them for you. Want incredible deals on cool products? We will use our numbers to negotiate sweet deals. Want to be the first to try out neat products and let the world know what you think? Perfect, come on in! Together, we will make all of our lives better.

Of course Moms, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and All People Are Welcome!

A smart person said people like charts, so we made this chart…

Cost Benefit Analysis of Joining Dad Does

Benefits of Joining Dad Does Cost
Receive Free Product Samples $0
Receive Products to Test and Review Nothing
Product Giveaways For the Stuff Dads Really Want Zilch
Receive Discounts and Exclusive Coupons Nada
Purchase Products at Wholesale Prices Number that comes before 1 and after -1
A Whole Bunch of Dads Have Your Back if You Have a Problem with a Company Nil
An Incredible Community of Dads to Hang With Zip
Strength in Numbers – Ability to Do Good, Make a Difference and Have Fun What You Have After Putting Kids through College – $0

In addition, you have our Dad Blood Brothers Iron Clad Cross Our Hearts Promise to never SPAM you. Dads don’t spam other Dads – it is part of the code.

There you have it, absolute mathematically proof that you should join Dad Does.

It only takes about 12 seconds to join, just click below…

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