PackIt Product Review-Can a Bag To Keep Your Lunch Cold Be Cool?

by nessel on February 22, 2011

Packit - Product Review on Pack It Freezor Bag

At Dad Does we gets lots of companies contacting us and asking us to do product reviews.  We need to be honest, some products just don’t sound that exciting.  This was the case when the folks at PackIt asked that we review their PackIt Freeze and Go cooler bags.   Still, we kind of liked the name “PackIt” so we decided to take a chance on it and told them to send one over for review.

Here is the video of how the PackIt changed our lives…

We Were Wrong, The PackIt is Not Boring – It is Cool…Literally!

As always, we had some fun with the video, but we really were impressed with the PackIt.  The PackIt is one of those things that when you use it, you can’t believe it did not already exists – it just makes so much sense!  The whole concept is very simple, the bag has the freezer gel built right into it.   Keep the bag in the freezer, it folds down flat, and when you need to keep something cool pull the bag out pop it open and throw your food in.  Could it be any easier?

Why The PackIt Works Better Than The Alternatives

When we pack the kids lunches, we throw one of those freezer packs in their lunch bag to keep things cool.   This works fine…when we remember to put the freezer packs back in the freezer when the kids come home.  Too often, we unpack their lunch, but forget to throw the freezer pack in the freezer and don’t realize it until the morning.

With the PackIt, since the bag is the freezer pack and lunch bag, it becomes habit to unpack their lunch and store the PackIt in the freezer.  The other big advantage to the PackIt is that it can keep food cold for up to 10 hours.  The whole bag is filled with freeze gel, since the food inside the bag is surrounded by coldness, it stays nice and cold.  Of course, no issues with leaking since the gel is inside the wall of the bag.

Maybe It is A Dad Thing, But I Like Zippers

The PackIt closes with a velcro strip on top.  This works fine, but it does leave some gaps along the edges.  It does not seem implausible that as the kids swing around the bag, things could fall out of the top.  It is for this reason, I like zippers – seems to give a more secure seal.   I would also think things we would stay even cooler with the tighter seal on top.  My guess is there is some real engineering reason why velcro works better than a zipper on the PackIt and maybe someone from PackIt can explain this in the comments.

Our only other issue with PackIt, on their site they say “Designed By Moms for Moms!” – hey, what about us Dads???  We pack lunches too!

Conclusions on the PackIt:

The PackIt is one of those things we wish we had invented.  Our criteria for a good product for busy Moms and Dads is that it makes your life easier or better in some way.  The PackIt does make packing a cold lunch or snack easier and better.  Really our only issue with the PackIt was the velcro closure, but that was a minor point.

Are there other ways to keep your lunch cold?  Of course.  Are there more interesting and exciting kitchen gadgets?  Sure.  However, the PackIt simply does exactly what it claims – it keeps your food cold for up to 10 hours, with no fuss or problems.  When a product actually makes a Mom or Dad’s life a little easier, that IS very exciting to us!

Ad Box:

More Information: Two  PackIt Freeze and Go bags sell for about $20

Read More At PackIt

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4 D Rating - Well Done

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We were sent a PackIt to use and review. We were paid absolutely nothing for doing this review. If ads appear on this page, we are compensated for those ads.  If you do use PackIt and your kids ask how you got their lunch to stay so cold, tell them a big orange D with a face told you how to do it.   This is a real review, by a real Dad!

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  • Memme

    Sounds great for all day hikes, too!

  • Nancy Reid

    looks very cool and rugged to boot. If it does the job
    the way you say it does…its a keeper!

  • Real Mom

    This is the coolest lunch bag ever constructed!! The whole idea behind it is awesome!! And they work wonderful. You need several just in case you forget to put the one you used that day back in the freezer over night otherwise you will have some very disappointed child the next day that can’t take the cold lunch they wanted to take. I use mine for lots of other things too. Like taking salads places, keeping the bag of wine slush cold to serve out of at a party, and baby foods and bottles chilled!! Love it, love it, love it.

  • Littlebearandgoosie

    Sounds fabulous…but as a parent, I also would like to afford the food that will go into the bag. I went to order four of the bags, but when I went to check out, I choked on the THIRTY DOLLARS SHIPPING cost for only the four bags. Sorry, but I’ll wait till they come out into the stores. I am not paying $60 for four lunch boxes.

    • Irwintnj

      They are in stores now too!!. Maybe you can contact “Packit” and see where they are closest to where you live?

    • Cute Fruit

      Consider yourself lucky. They are $35 each here in Australia not including shipping. I have twins and that hurts when you have to buy 2. When you’re dealing with Queensland heat though it’s worth being able to give them healthy food that won’t make them sick.

  • Beepsa

    I bought four bags and while the idea is good, the food does not stay cold for 10 hours – 4 hours tops. And as the freezer pack defrosts the inside of the bag gets all wet.

    • Dan Dad Does

      Hi Beepsa,

      Thanks for the comments – always help to hear how a product is working out for other people. I wonder if your bags are defective in some way? We did not have the inside of the bag getting all wet and we got longer than 4 hours of coldness. Maybe trying contacting PackIt and see if there is a problem with you bag?



  • Lovey’s Body Product

    I bought one 6 months ago for my 4 yr old son. He carries it by the top handle and it pulls away from the velcro. The velcro has now ripped and it cannot be sewn back on because it would damage gel pack under the fabric. I emailed the company about it a few days ago with no reply thus far. It’s disappointing. I think it’s a good idea but the velcro closure does leave a lot of gaping at the top and is not strong enough (given that mine ripped).

    • Dan Dad Does


      Thanks for the comment. We have not had these problems, sorry to hear it is not working out well. We do agree that a zipper would feel more secure than velcro.



    • Marisa Herbert

      I had the same problem with the velcro closure.  It no longer works and can not be fixed.  I just sent packit an email explaining the issue and told them I would prefer a replacement, as otherwise I enjoyed the product, rather than getting a refund.  We will see if they respond.

  • Christine Olewiler

    Thank you!I am a Mom looking to have a HEALTHY and delicious lunch for my daughter and sadly that isn’t available in the School lunchroom. I appreciate your legwork and info, it’s helped me decide to buy.

    • Dan Dad Does

      Hi Christine,

      You are very welcome!  Thanks for the kind words – we really enjoy doing the reviews.  Great that you are doing so much to make sure your daughter has a healthy lunch – that is terrific!


  • Jbrummett

    Bought two of these over the phone and they sent me four and charged me for four, so beware. Also the 10 hours of refrigerator cold is highly exaggerated. At best it’s four hours.

  • dagsah

    The pack-it is a joke. It didn’t even keep my food cold for 3 hours. I kept it in the freezer until I walked out the door for work, that was at 5am. By 9am my yogurt was warm, my jello had liquified and my salad was wilted. I bought one for each of my three boys. What a waste. I tested it out myself to see if it was worth the money and it was not. Go buy a regular insulated bag from target for $5.99 and get a ice pack for $1.99 and it will keep the food cooler and keep your wallet fatter.

    • Dan Dad Does


      Thanks very much for your comment – but so sorry you had problems.  Let me first state, we do not sell the PackIt, got paid nothing to do the review and in no way make any money if someone does buy one.  Just want to be clear we have no horse in this race!

      It is strange the different results people have had.  I don’t know how to explain that.  Our kids still use it – we put milk and yogurt in it in the morning and it is still cold come lunch.  Not sure it would go the full 10 hours, but never had a problem with 3-5 hours.  Maybe there is some quality control issue?  No idea, just thinking how it could work for some people and not for others.  Did you try contacting Packit?

      Once again, we really appreciate everyones feedback.  We tested 2 units, but it is really helpful to hear how other people are doing with it.


      • guest

        Here you say “Not sure it would go the full 10 hours…” but in your review you state, “The other big advantage to the PackIt is that it can keep food cold for up to 10 hours”. Assuming you based your review on test results and not on reading the advertisements, how long does it keep food cold, really?

        • Dan Dad Does


          Yes, that was sloppy reporting on our part – we apologize and will strive to do better.  We did test the bag in a number of real world settings – sending the kids to school with it, road trips, picnics, etc.  We did leave the bag out for 10 hours with some sodas in it and the sodas were cool when we took them out.  Were they really cold no?  So, I think 10 hours is really the upper limit and it really depends on how you define cold.  I do know that we use it almost everyday to keep yogurt drinks cold for about 3 hours (from morning to lunch) and it works great. 

          Hope this helps – in short, if you need something that will keep food really cold for 10 hours, not sure Packit will do it.  On the other hand, if you need something to keep things cold for 3-5 hours, it works really well.

          • Gina Gregory

            No your right, you stated “up to ten hrs” that doesn’t mean exactly, means anywhere from 1 to 10

  • Virtualleila

    Thank you Dad’s for posting this! I was wondering about the packit! I read your review and I am ready to purchase. I’m also new to your reviews! I will definitely add it to my favorites. :-)

    • Dan Dad Does


      Thanks so much for the great comments.  We are greatly expanding our review coverage, so hopefully we will have some reviews that you find interesting and helpful!  Welcome aboard!  Thanks.

  • Rickybobby

    There’s a bag that came way before this. It’s Fridge-To-Go. Plus they have a whole different line of bags. Like a small one meant for medicines.

    • Dan Dad Does


      Thanks very much for sharing this.  We have not tried the Fridge-To-Go but thanks for sharing it so others can take a look.


  • Wbraymen

    I am glad I read the comments here before buying.  It seems as always, the product is not the sales point, the shipping is where they make the money.  Also the colors are lame.  The only cool color is the blue at least in a judgemental school setting.  The blue is sold out on the web site.  Thanks for the “Fridge to go” site, I will order from there.

  • Rennd

    I did look to buy one online and they wanted $12.90 inS&H for the buy-one get one for $19.90…ridiculous amount for S&H!
    Glad I chose not to buy though based on the recent reviews below…it sounds like they have given the blog reviewers the primo version of pack-it and used the cheaper versions for the ones they are selling.  Don’t think I’ll be buying one,even if they choose to sell in stores.

    • Dan Dad Does


      Thanks so much for the comments and info on the shipping.  I agree, that is a crazy amount for shipping – feel bad we did not catch that in the review.  We are going to see if we can get someone from Packit to respond about shipping charges.


  • stacy

    It was hard to decide if I liked the packits after I realized I was charged over 40.00 in shipping for 2 sets of packits and the small plastic containers that were an additional charge. the purchase total was 67.70 the shipping was 41.80. for  one small little box. when i called the company directly to inquire they said I could return it, however my 41.80 s&h was non refundable. also, I was instructed the return and to be received within 7 days of my being given the RA #.   POOR customer service! WATCH OUT

    • Dan Dad Does

      Hi Stacy,

      Thanks for the comments.  Wow, that does seem insane for shipping.   I have to say we missed this when we did the review, we just looked at the price of the Packit – never thought to try to figure out the shipping.  Our bad – we live and learn.

      I am going to see if I can get someone from Packit to respond to this, not sure we will have any luck – but I do think they need to explain their shipping price.

      Thanks again for sharing this info with the group.


  • Pcjm930

    I tried the packit the first day of school and was not impressed. There is no where to label it with the kids name and teacher. Also, the gel pack sweat as they defrost, which made putting a napkin in pointless. The napkin was wet. Day 2 of school I used their old lunch bags.

  • SavvyShopper

    Thank you for your honest review and disclosure. I ordered the Pack-It, after reading your review, and my children are thrilled with it! I’m sure the reason that the company markets it as “up to 10 hours” is that the amount of time it remains cold will vary based on how cold your freezer is, how long you freeze the lunch bag, and the ambient temperature, as well as the temperatures of the food inside the bag. I imagine if you leave it sitting outside in full sun with outdoor temps well over 100, and put warm food inside, that it won’t perform as well as if you keep it in your 60-degree office and have frozen and refrigerated foods inside the bag! Shipping is always ridiculous on these infomercial products, but this one does deliver a “cool” product, as advertised. If you can buy it locally, you’ll probably find a better price. As to quality, ours seem well-enough constructed, but they haven’t had to endure any torture tests yet, either!

  • finney

    The velcro strap’s used ’cause it’s for kids; little people often have trouble with zippers.

  • Freddy1

    if they didn’t make you take 2 of them and pay shipping 2 x maybe it would be worth it. you cann’t just order one on the web site.  good idea, sneeky way to make money.

  • Tracy Martin

    I just came across your review.  I bought the pack-it at a as seen on t.v. store in our local mall.  The only color they had was the black, which I was fine with.  I had checked into the buy one get one deal online, but seen the shipping was outrageous.  I was excited when I found it in a store I had been looking for some time.  I love it!  Surprised at all the negative comments, mine works great.  Of course my daughters school is air conditioned so maybe that has to do with it.  When she comes home from school at 3:30 the packit is still cold.  She leaves for school at 6:30 so thats 9 hours.  I’ve packed my husbands lunch in it once to really test it out.  He left it in his hot service van all morning, upper 90s and said his lunch was still good five hours later, of course he added it probably wouldn’t of lasted much longer and it wasn’t ice cold or anything.  I guess there are always other factors to add in and the setting its used in. For me anyway it’s great! I have no problem packing my daughter things I would have never packed before. 

    • Dan Dad Does

      Hi Tracy,

      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with the Packit.  Good to know we are not losing our minds and the Packit does work well for others as well :)

      Thanks again for all the hands on information – really does help.


  • Msporredoss

    Just found your review on a Google search.  I have been thinking about getting one of these for my daughter but head been waiting for them to come to stores.  I have noticed on just about every site there are people who love them and people who hate them.  I think that maybe they have a quality control issue.  I also checked out the FridgeToGo like some others suggested.  They seem to be the original.  Upon further research I noticed that Playtex offers a FridgeToGo product for baby bottles.  They are available at BabiesRUs so I will be going there so I can get my hands on one. Thanks so much for the review and I will be surfing around checking out the rest of your site!  :-)

    • Dan Dad Does


      Thanks so much for sharing what you found in your research – always helpful for the group!  Feel free to post an update if you do try the FridgeToGo.


  • Rita

    a waste pack it is a waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lea

    I ordered two of these before school began, one for each of my children. Initially I was impressed by the product (though I found their S&H to be outrageous and their attempt to “upsell” with other items annoying). Their claim that the product keeps food cold up to “10 hours” is a stretch. I usually pull the Packits out of the freezer at 8 a.m. to pack lunches, and by the time I picked the kids up at 3:45 pm there was nothing about the Packits that  resembled cold…or even cool. According to my son, his lunch items did stay cool until his lunch at 11:45 a.m. Last week I noticed the Velcro closures were already wearing out, and as of today both Packit’s are leaking from the bottom. These Packits have carried lunch for my kids exactly 24 times. I won’t order another set, and I would NOT recommend them.

  • Allison

    I got two of these on “Buy one get one Free”, however the total for both with shipping was about $35.00. The PackIt does keep lunch cold from morning until lunch time, but not 10 hours. This is outrageously ridiculous. And I can put items in the PackIt that I couldn’t with the insulated bag and ice pack. There are several problems with this product though. When you try to stand it on the counter to put the food in, it keeps wanting to fold over. Then once the food is in, the bag will not stand up most of the time. The velcro closure is beyond ridiculous. I took one of the PackIts apart to see the ice pack inside. I am working on making a lunch bag that uses ice packs, but works better.

  • Briannewright31

    I have considered one of these for my daughter who is 5 and doesn’t care to much for school lunch. After reading your review and several comments that have been left I was curious about a few things. Seeing how you have had the Packit since February assuming you still use it… How is it holding up? Is it something that will last a school year without having to purchase a new one? Has the freezing liquid leaked or stopped doing its job? Has the velcro become wore out and stopped holding?   

  • robert

    They do work well, but the velcro closure needs some more adjustability to seal things up better.

  • Anonymous has better shipping options…they don’t have pack it products but other eco-friendly and non-toxic lunch bags i like!

    • ktaylor

      I just wanted to say, I checked out the website, as I am looking for an alternate lunch bag/box for my daughter. Although I love the cute designs, we already own one of these bags and they are too small! My daughter is in Kindergarten and between needing to pack for a snack, lunch, a Camelback water bottle, and an ice pack… well, finding something to accommodate all our needs is becoming difficult.

      • Anonymous

        Good point! Best of luck finding a lunchbag! I think it would be awesome if they inventent a non-toxic lunch bag that had a side pouch where you could put a water bottle…like your Camelback!

  • Mrkot

    The velcro closures do not hold up and after about 6 months the lunch box was unusable since it won’t stay closed. I would not recommend this.

  • greek yogurt

    I own the grey packit and I have found that it is the best lunch bag for keeping chilled items chilly until lunchtime. I can pack a turkey sandwich, a yogurt, a water bottle (I use and refill the crystal geyser sized water bottles you get at costco) or soda, and fruit like grapes or apple slices. I am an Amazon shopper and I found mine there. The velcro has worked fine for me!

  • Awest

    I have a comment on the “Pack It’ lunch bag…..I have had nothing but trouble.  We are on our 3rd Pack It for this school year.  No my daughter is NOT a  rough kid.  We have had problems with the velcro closures, after a month of daily use the velcro seems to shred.  This leaves bald spots on the fuzzy velcro side and then the Pack It will NOT stay close.  And yes, we have lost a couple of lunches this wasy.  Plus we find that the inside of the Pack It does sweat….the outside as promised in the advertisment however does not, but the inside gets damp.
    Next school year…we are purchasing a thermo lunch bag with a zipper. (maybe one from Thirty-one) One that doesn’t cost as much as the Pack It.

  • Angry customer

    I ordered three packets over 6 weeks ago, I have yet to receive my order!  I called and was told it was shipped on June 22nd and was given a bogus tracking number.  I called back, got a recording, was directed to Customer Service, they could not answer and I could not leave a message, because their message box was full!!!  I hung up, called again, entered the accounting dept. extension, no one answered, but I was able to leave a message.  In the meantime my credit card has been charged.  Guess I make a call to the credit card company.

    • Dan Dad Does


      So sorry you had a bad experience, but thanks so much for sharing it here.  We really want everyone to share their experience in the comments so people can make informed decisions.  We did not have any problems with the PackIt company, but as reviewers, I am sure we are treated well.  Always great to have feedback from customers.  Please keep us updated.  Thanks!

  • Kat

    You have a part of the show called Exclusive Deals – I bought one of these deals on 5/24 from Packit.  They did not even mail it out till 6/7 (and it was for a BDay present) I was told I would get it by the 19th as the latest – now Im told Package returned to sender by local post office due to incorrect address. Contact sender for further assistance. – I can NEVER reach anyone – their phone system is junk too.

    • Dan Dad Does

       Hey Kat,

      So sorry about your bad experience – but thank you for sharing with the group.  We can only talk to how the PackIt worked for us, but it is very helpful for others to see how the order process went for real customers.  I really hope they get things straightened out on their end and take care of their customers!  Thanks.

  • Hellokitty765

    Thanks for the comments. I am a college student and I am on campus all day sometimes. I was thinking about giving these lunch bags a try, but after reading the reviews I’m glad I didn’t. I usually use a regular lunch bag that folds flat after use. Then I throw one of those giant reusable ice packs in it. The larger ones seem to work best.

  • Sleroyrn

    Wow I was surprised to see that you gave such a positive review after I had read all the neditive reviews on In every review the poster commented on the fact that the packit bag didn’t keep the contents cold for 10 hours but rather maybe half that, 5hours at best. How is it that you didn’t have the same results? Makes me question how real your site is. I had subscribed but after reading your review on the packit product I think I’ll unsubscribe.

    • Dan Dad Does


      Thanks for the comments.  Clearly some people have had major issues with the PackIt and we encourage all comments – positive and negative.  In fact, we feel the comments here are as valuable as our review – it really gives a more complete picture.  We absolutely did review the PackIt and had good results.  As we have said before, we did the review about a year and a half ago and it is not our best work.  Today we spend more time with the products and do a more in depth review.  Yes, we continue to use our PackIt.  Does it keep things cold for 10 hours?  Probably not – but I guess that depends on your definition of cold.  We send the kids to school with it and the yogurt and milk is cold 5-6 hours later.

      I think there may be some quality control issues, would explain why some people love it and others hate it.  Not sure, just throwing out another idea. Thanks again for the comment and we will do better in the future.

  • Law student on a budget

    Just a thought about the Packits…if you want to try despite all the bad reviews…Bed Bath & Beyond sells them online and in stores.  Online – $14.99 & FREE SHIPPING!  In store – they are listed at only $14.99 and  you can even use your 20% coupon (even if it is expired!).  Then, if it doesn’t work out, Bed Bath & Beyond has a very lenient return policy – no need to go thru packit at all!  No receipt – no problem!  money is right back in your pocket and no need to haggle over S&H fees or wait to Packit to answer the phone. 

  • law student on a budget

    another thought if the Packits don’t work for – try “bottle coolers” such as JL Childress MaxiCOOL 4 Bottle Cooler.
    It is designed to keep bottles cold (milk) and fits reg. size four bottles, but I use it for a lunch bag.  the bag comes with cooling unit and works well.

  • Mamabear899

    I have yet to receive our packit’s but the shipping was RIDICULOUS!!!! we bought three bags our total was close to $60 and then our shipping was $55…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! REALLY why in the name of all that is holy is the shipping almost the same as the lunch sack.  It really has me upset at this!!! I have shipped tons of items and NEVER shipped anything that is this lightweight and compact and paid $55 to ship anywhere in the world…. this in itself would make me NEVER EVER purchase a packit again!!!!!! Also there was no final confirmation of a total when we went to purchase it, only when we ended up clicking purchase we then saw the final charge with shipping on the next page that said THANK YOU for your purchase… CRAP!

  • CJC73

    After much pleading from my kids, I purchased these online. They were in the freezer for several weeks before school started, and today was our first day of school. When I picked them up, I checked their bags. They were NOT ANY COOLER than the old insulated bag we used with ice packs in them. At all. It was NOT a particularly hot day, my kids have a three minute ride to school, and their lunch bags stay in their classrooms which are “regular” indoor temps. The gel packs inside were completely melted at 4:00, and everything in the bag was pretty darn close to room temperature. Certainly not “refrigerator cold” by any stretch of the imagination.

    The kids said their food was still cold at noon (they go to school at 9:00am, I take them out of the freezer about 8:30), but they often don’t finish all of their lunch and like to eat the rest after school for snack. But this lunch bag is NO safer for foods requiring refrigeration than any other insulated lunch bags for anywhere CLOSE to ten hours.

    This company should NOT be allowed to claim this product will keep my kids’ food “refrigerator cold for ten hours”. (I hope the folks at Pack-It who sent them to you to review are reading the comments posted here.) It’s a bold-faced lie, unless maybe you work outside in sub-zero temps 365 days a year, or send your kids to ice-fishing school in Alaska. Then maybe they would stand a shot at staying cool for that long. Otherwise, it’s not happening. I had hopes of using these for day-long zoo trips, but if they don’t even stay cold inside at moderate temps, there is no way they’re going to survive a summer day at the zoo. Very disappointing.

    • Dan Dad Does


      First, thank you so much for sharing your honest experience with Pack It. We consider all this honest feedback in the comments as important, or more, than our actual review. Second, so sorry you did not have good results. This whole thing is very strange to us – we have never reviewed a product which produced such a wider range of results. We still use our Packit today – take it on car rides, to the zoo, at lunch, etc. Does it keep things cold for a full 10 hours, probably not – but stuff seems plenty cold 5 or 6 hours after we packed it. Even at 8 hours, cool, if not very cold.

      So, my only guess is that there is a quality control issue or the design of the PackIt has changed since we reviewed it in Feb 2011.

      Thanks again for sharing – very helpful!

  • lunch packing dad

    Why does no one mention how big the PackIt is? Its the first thing I wanted to know. I can get insulated lunch boxes in a variety of sizes. As for the “how long does it keep things cold” question, it’s pretty obvious if you packed cold items they would stay colder longer. Also, if you sat the PackIt on the dashboard of your car in July, it would not perform as well as if you actually tried to prevent the food from getting warm, keeping it out of direct sunlight, for example.

  • Joe

    in your original review of Packit, you practically fell all over yourself gushing about this product. Now, in the comments section, it’s backpedal, backpedal, backpedal. You lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned. You may not have been paid to review this product, but I believe you most certainly had a dog in this race in one way or another. Here’s what Good Housekeeping had to say about how long Packit keeps things cold: “While Pack-It promises to keep food cool for up to ten hours, we found it kept lunch below 40° for a full three hours . . . .” If you’re going to review products like this in the future, please take the appropriate time to mention ALL your findings at that time rather then mentioning them piecemeal later in the comments section. My suggestion to you, is to either review this product again, or pull this review altogether. As it stands, it’s kind of a joke.

    • Dan Dad Does

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the comments – we do appreciate your honest thoughts. We have said, and I will say it again, in terms of doing a review, this was NOT our best work. I think you will find the reviews we do today are more serious and informational. That being said, our experience with the Packit was positive and still is positive. We are not backpedaling on our experience, let me say it again – the PackIt keeps the kids lunch cool (they have yogurt, cheese and milk) and we continue to use it today. So, we do like OUR Packit. It is clear that many other people have had bad experiences, and that is why we love the comments. We are not trying to peacemeal and backpedal – we had a good experience, others have had bad – all good, honest info.

      For the record, I actually think 3 hours at below 40 is pretty good. I know, I know, if they are saying 10 hours it should be 10 hours – they are over hyping and should stop. In practice, having a bag that keeps the kids stuff cool (don’t know at exactly what temp, I assume over 40, but still cool) until they are ready to eat lunch is a good thing.

  • Dan Dad Does

    Hey Joe,

    Replied to your comment above. In terms of placement of comments, we have nothing to do with it and NEVER control what goes where. We use a 3rd party program – DISCUS – and it does the comment formats. I believe there is an option at top where you can sort by date, that would make it most recent first.


  • Dave Pickelheimer

    I purchased Packit and what a disappointment. I get to be their Quality Control department. The lid to the water bottle is poorly manufactured and can be opened by a 6 year old. When I called Customer Service at Packit they did not want to send me a replacement, because according to them, the “bottle is a little cheap and does not work”. They preferred to send me $2.98 so I could buy a different water bottle. When I opened the lid to one of the cute storage containers, one of the four snaps broke off in my hand. Perhaps they should renamed the firm Stuffit.

  • Gina Gregory

    Your kids are great actors! I’m a schoolbus driver, the bag is great for us! Keeps me out of fast food joints when I’m on a layover with sports trips….like right now!

    • Dan Dad Does

      Hi Gina,

      Thanks for the comment… I will pass it on to my kids and they will love you! Great to hear the Packit works out well for you.

  • ali

    Wow, so I guess since I live in Hawaii, I shouldn’t even hope that my kids lunch will stay cold. What State did you test in so I know what type of weather we are talking about?

  • swood

    I bought 2 last school year and found that with my boys they made it to the end of the school year. I had many problems with the velcro, so I put loops on each corner and a little botton on each side so that they could loop them closed. I will be ordering new ones for this school year. For the amount of snacks (yogart & fruit) that I was able to put back in the frig, they are worth paying a little more.

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