PackIt Product Review-Can a Bag To Keep Your Lunch Cold Be Cool?

Packit - Product Review on Pack It Freezor Bag

Packit - Product Review on Pack It Freezor Bag

At Dad Does we gets lots of companies contacting us and asking us to do product reviews.  We need to be honest, some products just don’t sound that exciting.  This was the case when the folks at PackIt asked that we review their PackIt Freeze and Go cooler bags.   Still, we kind of liked the name “PackIt” so we decided to take a chance on it and told them to send one over for review.

Here is the video of how the PackIt changed our lives…

We Were Wrong, The PackIt is Not Boring – It is Cool…Literally!

As always, we had some fun with the video, but we really were impressed with the PackIt.  The PackIt is one of those things that when you use it, you can’t believe it did not already exists – it just makes so much sense!  The whole concept is very simple, the bag has the freezer gel built right into it.   Keep the bag in the freezer, it folds down flat, and when you need to keep something cool pull the bag out pop it open and throw your food in.  Could it be any easier?

Why The PackIt Works Better Than The Alternatives

When we pack the kids lunches, we throw one of those freezer packs in their lunch bag to keep things cool.   This works fine…when we remember to put the freezer packs back in the freezer when the kids come home.  Too often, we unpack their lunch, but forget to throw the freezer pack in the freezer and don’t realize it until the morning.

With the PackIt, since the bag is the freezer pack and lunch bag, it becomes habit to unpack their lunch and store the PackIt in the freezer.  The other big advantage to the PackIt is that it can keep food cold for up to 10 hours.  The whole bag is filled with freeze gel, since the food inside the bag is surrounded by coldness, it stays nice and cold.  Of course, no issues with leaking since the gel is inside the wall of the bag.

Maybe It is A Dad Thing, But I Like Zippers

The PackIt closes with a velcro strip on top.  This works fine, but it does leave some gaps along the edges.  It does not seem implausible that as the kids swing around the bag, things could fall out of the top.  It is for this reason, I like zippers – seems to give a more secure seal.   I would also think things we would stay even cooler with the tighter seal on top.  My guess is there is some real engineering reason why velcro works better than a zipper on the PackIt and maybe someone from PackIt can explain this in the comments.

Our only other issue with PackIt, on their site they say “Designed By Moms for Moms!” – hey, what about us Dads???  We pack lunches too!

Conclusions on the PackIt:

The PackIt is one of those things we wish we had invented.  Our criteria for a good product for busy Moms and Dads is that it makes your life easier or better in some way.  The PackIt does make packing a cold lunch or snack easier and better.  Really our only issue with the PackIt was the velcro closure, but that was a minor point.

Are there other ways to keep your lunch cold?  Of course.  Are there more interesting and exciting kitchen gadgets?  Sure.  However, the PackIt simply does exactly what it claims – it keeps your food cold for up to 10 hours, with no fuss or problems.  When a product actually makes a Mom or Dad’s life a little easier, that IS very exciting to us!

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More Information: Two  PackIt Freeze and Go bags sell for about $20

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We were sent a PackIt to use and review. We were paid absolutely nothing for doing this review. If ads appear on this page, we are compensated for those ads.  If you do use PackIt and your kids ask how you got their lunch to stay so cold, tell them a big orange D with a face told you how to do it.   This is a real review, by a real Dad!

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