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Boom Boom Cards Family

Boom Boom Cards

Yesterday we trashed Monopoly Live for using technology to dumb down Monopoly and remove any educational value from the game.  We got some flack for being anti-technology, especially for a Dad blog!  I ask you, if we were  an anti-technology blog, why would we like Wappy Dog, a toy dog who spends half his life in a virtual world?

Perhaps the best example of a company we saw at Toy Fair 2011, using technology for good, and we mean real good, is Boom Boom! Revolution.  No they don’t make dance games, they make games that allow you to change the world for the better!

Boom Boom! Cards – The Uprising of Guerilla Goodness™

Here is the short story of how Boom Boom! Cards work.  You get a deck of cards that have acts of kindness on them.  For example, a card may say “Hand make a card for a friend or relative who lives far away and mail it to them” or “Instead of a Treasure Hunt, go on a Trasher Hunt and try to fill up garbage bags with trash from around your neighborhood.

Boom Boom Cards Family

The idea is that you do these acts of kindness of course, but here is the cool technology part, each card has a unique code on it.  After you do your act of Kindness you go to the website and talk about it.  You can upload photos, video or just say how it felt.   The system tracks your location and shows on a map where your kind act took place.

But wait, don’t order yet – it gets cooler kinder.  After you have used your card you then pass it on to someone else – stranger, friend or relative.  The next person does an act of kindness and also uploads the story, photos and video to the website and passes on the card again.  Over the course of months, you can watch online as your card travels the world and read about how it has affected people.  Now, that is using technology for good!

Boom Boom! Cards Make Doing Good a Game

Almost any parent has been suckered into buying some doll or toy that that has an online component where the toy comes to life online.  Boom Boom! Cards takes this technology and turns it into a fun and truly helpful experience.  If our kids are going to want to track things online, why not have it be the good deeds that they do?

We have really just scratched the surface of what Boom Boom! Cards is about.  In the coming weeks we will do a full review of the product and let you know how we are changing the world for the better!

Proof That Doing Good Can Be a Fun Game For People of All Ages

One of our big issues with Monopoly Live is that it used technology to remove the educational aspect of the game (learning math by counting money and the dice).  Hasbro claims they needed to speed up Monopoly and make it easier with technology so today’s kids would play it.

Boom Boom! Cards goes in the opposite direction.  They have taken the admirable, but not always fun acts of doing good deeds and made it fun by adding a technology and tracking component.  If tomorrow 100,000 people starting play Boom Boom! Cards, the world really would be a better place.  On the other hand, if 100,000 people starting playing Monopoly Live… well, let’s just say I would recommend you buy stock in calculator companies.

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