The Mysterious World of Dad Does Previews, Reviews And Toys – Oh My!



As we prepare to cover the International Toy Fair 2011 in NYC, February 13th-16th we figured now was a good time to go over our review policy for our new readers.   I have no doubt we will see some very impressive toy demos at Toy Fair 11, but it is impossible to provide a detailed, real world review from a demo.  We are firmly against recommending any product that we have not been able to test in a real world environment, check out our Real, Relevant and Riveting Review Pledge to learn more.

Still, Some Toys Will Look Really Fun From Their Demos

While we are against doing reviews until we have lived with the product for a few weeks, we are not against providing previews of what looks fun and promising!  This means you may start seeing these buttons on various toy company sites –

As Seen on Dad Does

The “As Seen On Dad Does” badge means just that, it was seen on our site.   We want to be very clear that this does not mean we recommend the toy.   We may in the future recommend the toy, but this only happens after we have had a chance to get the toy into our reviewer’s hands for a few weeks.

When A Preview Becomes a Review

Once we get a toy into our reviewer’s hands, the real fun begins!  We play with the toys, beat on the toys and then we let the kids have at it.  When reviewing a toy we are trying to determine if the toy is fun and can keeps our kids attention.  Here we describe what makes a toy fun.

After our real world review we will rate the toy –

Dad Does Rating System

Only The Best of The Best Are Dad Does Approved!

Any toy that gets a 4D rating or better is Dad Does Approved –

Dad Does Approved

If you see either of the above badges next to a toy, you know that we have tested it in the real world and approve it!  To date, we have yet to find the perfect toy and have never issued a 5D rating.  For our optimists out there, perhaps something we find at ToyFair 11 will be our first 5D rated product.  On the other hand, for our pessimist friends, we have never had a 1D rating, so maybe that will change with Toy Fair 11.  We will know soon enough, let Toy Fair mania begin!

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