Our BackUp Plan In Case Our Coverage of Toy Fair 11 Sucks


Toy Fair Reviews

As we prepare to cover Toy Fair 11, we keep thinking about what makes a toy fun.   Our completely unscientific survey of parents finds about 95% of the toys we buy our kids will disappear into a junk closet within two weeks of purchase.    In addition, 100% of parents are sick of wasting money on toys that their kids don’t play with.

Fear not Dads and Moms, Dad Does is on the job! We will scour the Toy Fair floor in NYC and try to find the most fun toys in the world.  We will then get these toys and do real world product reviews of the toys.   Kids will play with toys, we will document and comment – in the end we will come up with reviews that tell you what toys are actually worth your money.

A Backup Plan In Case Our Coverage of Toy Fair 11 Sucks

Things could go terribly wrong at Toy Fair.  An animatronic dinosaur could hypnotize us and force us to recommend that parents spend all of their money buying McDonald’s Happy Meal toys on the black market.   Stranger things have happened.  It is for this reason we have come up with a backup plan in case we can’t determine what are the best toys from Toy Fair 11…

Dear NetFlix, Please Start ToyFlix – A New Toy Rental Service

Who doesn’t love NetFlix?  A red envelope comes in the mail and you get all excited to watch a movie, that someone called the “Best Movie of the Year”.  Sometimes the movie sucks, but you don’t really care because you just drop it in the mail and hope the next one is better.


Now imagine this same plan with toys for our kids.   A red box arrives in the mail.  Our kids are all excited to rip it open and play with the toy that they swear they will never get bored of.   Three days later, the kids deny ever wanting the toy and besides, everyone knows that the New New toy is what is really cool.  Now, instead of cursing as you throw the toy in a junk closet – you laugh as you throw it back in a red box and send it back to ToyFlix and wait for the next toy in your queue to arrive.

Not Sure What to Get, Let the ToyFlix Recommendation Engine Help You Out

Like Nerf Guns and remote controlled cars, just rate them on ToyFlix and the recommendation engine will give you some other toys you may like.  Maybe there is a great independent, foreign toy that you have never heard of, but might love.  Or maybe not – but who cares, you send them all back anyway.

Why Kids Will Love ToyFlix

I really think kids love opening toys and getting new toys.  Playing with new toys for any prolonged period of time is not something that most kids do.  ToyFlix gives kids the thrill of opening something and getting new toys.  Throw some bubble wrap in the package and kids will be in seventh heaven.

Why Parents Will Love ToyFlix

Parents have a love/hate relationship with toys.  We are really kids at heart, so we love the idea of a fun toy.  On the other hand, we hate almost everything else about toys.  We hate when we waste money on a toy that sucks.  We hate that toys our kids never play with take up so much room in the house.  We hate how our kids keep pestering us for the next great toy that they promise they will really play with this time.

ToyFlix fixes all these problems.  No wasted money and no wasted space in the house.  Maybe best of all – no pestering!  If the kids wants the new cool toy they add it to their queue and just return the toy that is no longer cool.

NetFlix Lawyers, Please Put Your Pens Down- Here is The Disclaimer

Yes, we just made this whole ToyFlix thing up and of course NetFlix has absolutely no plans to offer this service.   NetFlix I am sure owns the trademark to any word that ends with “Flix” – we are just having some fun here!  Sure, ToyFlix doesn’t even make sense as a name …”Don’t Flix Your Toys In The Junk Closet, Flix Them in The Mail With ToyFlix???” Anyway, we are giving anyone out there who wants it a free business idea.  In fact, I do see there is a company called BabyPlays.Com that is doing a toy rental business for baby toys.   So, maybe this idea is not so crazy after all.

Until The Toy Rental Business Starts, We Will Do Our Best at Toy Fair 11

Since a NetFlix like toy rental business is still not a reality, we will do our best to find the most fun toys you can buy at Toy Fair 2011.   I think we will be fine, if we catch an Animatronic Dinosaur looking at us funny we will hold up a mirror and the dinosaur will hypnotize himself.   Who said Dads aren’t clever?

What Do You Think of Our Toy Rental By Mail Idea?  Let Us Know?

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