The Seal Shield Keyboard, Because Sealing Our Kids Is Much More Work

Fact – Kids have sticky hands.  I don’t know why and in truth I really don’t want to know where the stickiness comes from.  I do know that when these sticky hands start hacking away at the family computer, you end up with a keyboard that could literally double as a piece of velcro…a disgusting, gross piece of velcro.

My Solution – Seal the Kids Hands

Being a resourceful Dad I grabbed some cellophane wrap and started wrapping my kids hands, but something just didn’t feel right.  The kids would have a very hard time fetching my newspaper and slippers with their hands all sealed up.  No, we needed the keyboard to be sealed, so we could do this…

Man It Feels Good To Wash Your Keyboard!

I guess you could take any keyboard and throw it in the bath tub, but only the Seal Shield Waterproof Keyboard will still work after you wash it!  We first saw the Seal Shield Keyboard at CES 2011 and we were impressed by the demo.  Of course, we never recommend a product until we have had a chance to test it out in the real world, and boy are we going to test this thing out (more on this later).

Honey, Don’t Forget to Put The Keyboard In The Dishwasher

You load your dirty glasses in the dishwasher, why not throw in your dirty keyboard?  Amazingly, the Seal Shield Keyboard is dishwasher safe.  This means your keyboard will be clean enough to eat off of – which is why tomorrow morning I am having scrambled eggs on my home row!

Tough Enough For Hospitals, But What About for Families?

The Seal Shield line of 100% waterproof keyboards, mice and remotes were originally made for hospitals.  The idea was that in order to control germs in hospitals it would be helpful to have keyboards that could be washed or sprayed with any antibacterial cleaner.   However, as any Dad or Mom will tell you, their house is often a petri dish of various germs the kids bring home from school.   The idea to test out the keyboard and mouse in a home setting crossed our minds, but we have bigger plans for the Seal Shield Keyboard.

The Battle of the Century – The Seal Shield Keyboard vs. A Library Full of Kids

Since Dad Does believes in hard core, real world, product testing we have arranged to have the Seal Shield Keyboard and Mouse battle tested in the Children’s section of a public library!  Oh, this is going to be fun.  All those sticky little hands, kids pulling and pushing – and taking place in the Northeast during winter – I can’t wait!

We will hold off on doing our full review until we have the results from the Children’s Library test, so stay tuned.   I will say that April Fools Day is coming up and the possibilities with this keyboard are endless.  Try this, secretly switch out your normal keyboard with the Seal Shield.  Wait until your wife is working on something really important on the computer, then “accidentally” spill coffee all over the keyboard.  Wow, that one never gets old.

The Battle is Complete – Read (and watch the video) of the Seal Shield vs The Public Library!

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