Will Kurt Warner Be the MVP For Dads On Super Bowl Sunday?


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Super Bowl Sunday is now less than a week away!  Dads everywhere will soon get to kick back and enjoy the biggest sports event of the year.  Unless, they have young kids, in which case they will spend 4 painful hours on Super Bowl Sunday answering the thousand questions their kids will ask about how a football game works.

I love my kids and I love their inquisitive nature, but watching football with them is like be grilled by a tag team of defense attorneys.  By the end of the 1st quarter, I usually take the 5th and refuse to answer any more questions – not necessarily the best form of parenting.

This year I have a secret weapon, actually three secret weapons – Kurt Warner, QuBee and my iPad!  Yes, I am talking about the new Kurt Warner’s Football 101 for Kids app for the iPad.  This app, complete with a football character called QuBee, promises to teach kids the rules and general game play of football – so everyone can have a more enjoyable time watching the big game.

Kurt Warner’s Football 101 For Kids – Does It Work?

Football is a confusing game.  Your own 40 yard line or the opponent’s 40 yard line?  Why didn’t they just make the field go from the 1 yard line to the 100 yard line?  The Kurt Warner’s Football 101 For Kids app promises to teach kids all about football in a very friendly and fun manner.   To test out the app, which sells for $1.99, I had my 6 year old son David play with it for a while.

Kurt Warner Football 101 for Kids

The app is very interactive and did keep my son’s interest for a while.  Qubee (the creepy talking football) and Kurt Warner take you through four quarters of information  on football.  To advance from one quarter to the next you must answer ten questions correctly.  For example, once you have done your training you get a series of questions like this –

Is My 6 Year Old Now an Expert Football Analyst?

According to Kurt Warner and his crazy talking football friend QuBee – yes!  David, got through all 4 quarters with flying colors and finished his training with Kurt Warner Football 101.  I was excited about discussing the finer points of football with my son and decided to test out his new skills in the real world by watching the Pro Bowl game.   Unfortunately, it turns out being an expert at Kurt Warner Football For Kids 101 does not make you an expert at watching real football.

David clearly knew a little more about football, but watching a live game, at real speed was very different than watching still frames on the iPad.   In addition, there are a lot of different elements on a TV broadcast that do not show up in the Kurt Warner app.   In fact, the app would be much more effective if it used video from actual games to teach kids.

Conclusions on Kurt Warner Football 101 for Kids:

If you are looking for a nicely designed app that introduces your kids to football, the Kurt Warner app is decent.  I was disappointed that scoring well on Kurt Warner Football did not translate into strong real world football knowledge.  The app is also pretty limited -once your child finishes the four quarters (which only takes about 30 minutes), there is nothing else to do.  You can retake the tests, but that is about it.

Selfishly, I was hoping this app would turn my Super Bowl Sunday into a question free day, but I don’t see that happening.   I have an idea, maybe I will just invite Kurt Warner over on Sunday and he can answer my kids questions while I watch the game.

More Information: Kurt Warner Football 101 For Kids – iPad App for $1.99

Kurt Warner Football 101 for Kids Gets 3 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

3 D Rating - Decent

FULL DISCLOSURE: We broke the Dad Does piggy bank and shelled out the full $1.99 to buy this app. We were paid absolutely nothing for doing this review. We do not make any money if you decide to buy Kurt Warner Football 101 For Kids. If somehow Kurt Warner runs out of the stands on Super Bowl Sunday and leads the Packers to victory (after Rodgers is attacked by Qubee) and is named the MVP… we told you so! This is a real review, by a real Dad!

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