News Flash – Dads Put On Suicide Watch As World Says to Dads “You Suck!”

Dad Blogs Suck

Dads Have A Drink

Dads Have a Drink, Actually Better Make it a Double.

(You Do Know How to Drink… right?)

We need to be honest here, it has been a tough week to be a Dad.  Look we are new here, we thought we were going to talk about the great things that Dads Do – but had we known that Dads were so sucky and useless we might not have started this site.

Go home Dads, spend some time with your family – oh wait, I forgot, Dads don’t spend time with family.  I wonder if it is too late for a rebrand to MomDoes.Com, has a nice ring to it…

Let’s Back Up A Little

Maybe you are not as savvy to the shadowy world of Dads, that’s cool, we will give you the quick DadDoes.Com recap of what we discovered this week, about what Dads Do….

Well, There You Have it Dads Suck – But Let’s Dig Deeper

As we dig deeper to discovery the root of our suckyness – we uncover some interesting facts.  Turns out the issue with many Dad blogs is that they are not well written or interesting.  But wait, don’t order yet – there is more!  It also turns out that Dads don’t really like reading Dad Blogs.

So, Dads Suck at Writing Blogs and Reading Blogs!

To more accurately capture the feeling about Dads, we have come up with a bumper sticker –
Dad Blogs Suck
(Dads do like sticking things on cars – we are good at that one)

Wait a Minute, Who Are You?

We know now Dads don’t read blogs – so you must not be a Dad.  You must be a Mom – great, can you pass this message on to your husband – “You Suck!”.

No that can’t be right, plenty of good Mom Blogs for you to read – so why waste your time here.

Oh no, I got it – you’re a kid!  You were Googling “Why Does My Dad Suck So Much” and you landed here.

Okay, forget that thing about drinking – alcohol is evil!  And listen to your Dad, do your home work, don’t hit your brother, put the candy down – oh and give your Dad a big hug, he has had a tough week!

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