Philanthroper.Com Makes Giving So Easy and Painless You’ll Want to Do It Everyday



We have contacted Guinness Book of World Records and we are waiting for confirmation of our record.  We are of course talking about the record for “Most Disconnected Back to Back Blog Posts“.  Yesterday we provided a full hands on product review (complete with video) of an iPhone  bottle opener case and today we will talk about, Philanthroper.Com, an incredible site that allows you to give $1 a day to terrific charities.  If you can write a segue that connects these posts, you are a better writer than me… maybe, from opening bottles to opening your wallet for charity, Dads do it all?

Philanthroper.Com, The Groupon Of the Charity World?

The real appeal of Philanthroper.Com is its simplicity.  Everyday the site will feature one charity and provide a button you can click to donate $1.  Of that $1, 99 cents goes directly to the charity and 1 cent goes to the payment processor.  Philanthroper makes absolutely nothing on the donation (they will sell ads on the site to make money).  That’s it – no option to donate more, nothing to figure out, simply decide if you want to give $1 to the charity.  As Mark Wilson, founder of states, “I wanted to modernize the world of donation to appeal to today’s internet culture.

Top 5 Reasons Why Donating At Philanthroper.Com Should Become Part of Your Daily Routine

5. You Are Never Going to Win Lotto, So Why Not Win Some Positive Karma?

We know the tag line to the lottery -“You have to be in it to win it”  but we think the complete tag line should read “You have to be in it to win it… and you also need to be so ridiculously lucky, we’re talking astronomically, insanely lucky…forget it, you’re just not going to win it.”  So why not win some positive Karma each day.  Give $1 to a charity each day and scorn all your friends who still play the lottery.

4. It Is The Most Efficient Way To Give To Charity

As bizarre as it sounds, giving $1 via Philanthroper.Com to a charity is better than giving $1 directly to the charity (if this was even an option at the charity).  Most payment processors that the charities use to process your donation charge anywhere from 3- 25%.  By giving through Philanthroper.Com you know that 99 cents goes directly to the charity.

3. Eliminates “Giving Remorse” When Your Favorite Charity Starts Calling You 10 Times a Day

How frustrating is it when you try to do good by giving to a charity and then spend the next 6 months yelling into the phone, “stop calling me – I have nothing else to give!” Some charities get pretty aggressive when it comes to fund drives and harassing contacting  previous donors.  When you donate via Philanthropists.Com your name and information is never revealed to the charity, your donation is completely anonymous.

2. You will learn 365 Cool Charities to Name Drop At The Next Cocktail Party

Philanthroper.Com takes a special interest in nonprofits bringing in less than $1 million per year in revenue (or even far, far less than that) – so just by visiting the site each day you will learn about some cool and under the radar charities.  Drop a couple of these names at your next cocktail party and watch as your friends stare at you with that “is he human or saint” look.  For some extra omph, drop this line “I donated to 365 charities this year” and start working on your Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech.

1. Teach Our Kids That $1 Really Can Make a Difference

As parents, one of the hardest lessons we need to teach our kids is that small efforts and little deeds can make a big difference.   Taking your kids to Philanthroper.Com is a very rewarding experience for everyone.  You can teach your child about caring, compassion and how to help those in needs.  When you see your childs eyes light up and their willingness to give $1 of their money to a charity they didn’t even know existed, you will be rewarded with the feeling that our future is brighter than our past.

Start Doing Good TODAY:  Visit Philanthroper.Com

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