This Ghostly Site is DEAD…Better Head to YouTube…Like NOW!!!


OMG – what are you doing here?

This site is dead and just filled with ghosts.  Like this –

Christmas gift box with blank card

What??? It’s 2020 and if you look at the left side navigation you see images like this…from 2014…I am telling you – nothing but ghosts here!

This Site is Dead But Our YouTube Channel Is Very Much Alive!

Look, I’ll be honest with you.  The ghosts were freaking us out, so we abandoned the site and setup a lovely home on YouTube.  You really should be there…not here…what are you, a GhostBuster???

Oh, I guess the other reason we abandoned the site…words.  Who reads words anymore?  Some of our words had 5 letters or even more.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Video – that is where it’s at.

Hop on over to our YouTube Channel where we have a fresh, new – ghost free content.  We are doing product reviews and having a grand old time.

Or…stay here and read about all the cool gadgets from CES…in 2012!

No, you are smarter than that.  You want the cool, current stuff.  So please, escape while you still can.  I’m out of here – just click this link and come on over to our awesome and totally not dead YouTube Channel with me!


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