We Are Headed to Toy Fair 2020, Because These Toys Won’t Play With Themselves…

Toy Fair 2020

When does it end?  I mean the endless sacrifices I make for you, are really nothing if not heroic.

My latest saintly act?  I am heading to NYC to play with all the newest toys at Toy Fair 2020!

Rest Your Eyes Now, The Videos Will Be Pouring In Soon

You think I am going to write about all the hot new toys for 2020?  Come on, I am not that heroic.

No, writing involves spelling and grammar and dare I say it… proofreading???

I think a much better plan is for me to create endless videos to capture all the fun new toys that will be coming out in 2020.

You know, things like this…

Isn’t that easy?  You watch and somehow information enters your brain…all without having to read anything!

Where Will You Find All of Our Toy Fair 2020 Videos?

OMG, I thought you would never ask.  All of the videos are on our YouTube Channel.  So why not head over there right now and subscribe.


Toy Fair 2020 starts on 2/22 – so start looking for our videos on 2/23!

Now If You’ll Excuse Me…

I need to get ready for the show.  Basically I practice being immature and acting like a child…oh wait, I am already ready.


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