Giveaway: Win The RC Upriser DUCATI Stunt Bike ($149 Value)

Win The Upriser RC


Black Friday is almost here and to celebrate we are giving away one of the hottest toys of 2019 –

The Upriser Ducati RC Stunt Bike from SpinMaster ($149 Value)

This is one of the coolest RC toys we have played with.  Self balancing, does stunts and jumps and well, let’s just show you…


How To Win The Upriser Ducati RC Stunt Bike

We decided to make things super easy.  Here are the ways you can enter to win…

More Key Features on the Upriser Ducati RC Motorcycle


The world’s first omnidirectional RC motorcycle wheel has revolutionized the RC experience. The rear wheel features 16 smaller perpendicular wheels allowing Upriser to balance and move in any direction, as you can see in the video.

True Balance

Stay upright during tricks and turns! Upriser’s gyroscopic encoder works alongside an internal accelerometer and dual-optical sensors to continually calibrate and correct balance.

Extended Battery Life

We are happy to report you get about 45 minutes of play time on one charge.  It takes about 60-70 minutes to recharge.

Good Luck To All

I wish we had enough to give away to everyone, but we only have one.  Still, you could be the lucky winner.  Good luck to all!

More Information:

Watch the Full Video Review of the Upriser Ducati RC Stunt Bike

Visit the Upriser Ducati Site to Learn More

The Upriser Ducati Sells for $149 on Amazon

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