Change Your Tea to Save The Planet? Interview from #ExpoEast



We are back from the Natural Products Expo East and what a show it was!

Sure, we had endless natural foods and will be posting videos on some of our favorite foods, snacks and drinks…but first we have something a little more pressing to talk about…

We Need to Save The Planet

Yep, time for us parents to step up and take steps to ensure our kids and grandkids have a planet to live on.

It will come as no surprise that we have a plastics problem.  Plastics are filling our oceans and the resources needed to make plastic are doing incredible harm to the planet.

Yeah, but what can we do?  It is all too overwhelming?  Right?  Wrong!

Start By Switching Your Tea

Check out this video that features some incredible work Oteas is doing to eliminate plastics from packaging…

Let’s Take Small Steps To Make a Big Change

Time to stop complaining and start taking action.  Don’t like all the plastics in the ocean?  Start drinking Oteas.  Yes, it is a small step – but it is step in the right direction.

We need to show companies that are doing Sustainable, Compostable packaging that we appreciate them and will reward them with our dollars.

Some Other Great Organizations Leading The Way on Sustainability

One Perfect For the Planet

Plastic Free Certification


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