Review: Laser X Fusion – Get The Kids Off Their Screens and Active!

Laser X Fusion

As parents sometimes we need to make tough decisions.  We need to balance the pros and cons.

So maybe we don’t totally love the idea of our kids running around with blasters and trying to “kill” each other.  However, there is a key phrase in there that carries a lot of weight for me…”running around.”

We live in a world of Fortnite, social media, movies, YouTube…basically a world where our kids spend way too much time starring at screens and not running around.  So when we heard about the Laser X Fusion – a set of laser tag blasters that encourages kids to get outside, run, play and be social – we quickly overcame our issue with blasters.

How do the Laser X Fusion Blasters Perform?

Of course a company telling you how fun their toy is and the toy actually being fun, can be two very different things.  So we did what we always do here at Dad Does – got some kids, grabbed some cameras and put the Laser X Fusion to the test!

Please watch our video review of the Laser X Fusion –

Lots of Active Fun, No Phone Required

As you can see from the video, the Laser X Fusion Laser Tag Blasters were a hit.  One particular part I really like – no phones or apps required.  Love the fact that you don’t need to hand your kid your $700 smartphone to clamp onto a blaster.  Hmm, what could possibly go wrong as kids run, jump and dive all over with your phone clamped to their blaster???

If you are looking for a way to get the kids outdoors and active, the Laser X Fusion blasters are a great way to go.

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