Vector Robot Review – The Future Has Arrived

Vector by Anki

Hello future, I’ve been waiting for you to show up.

Since I was a kid I was told robots were coming that would respond to our commands, play with us, educate us and just be ready to serve us…until they take over the world.

Anki Vector – The Robot That Is Always On…And Always Listening

We were big fans of the Cozmo Robot from Anki.  However, as great as Cozmo was, you still had to charge him up and constantly have him connected to your phone.  While Cozmo had lots of personality, he lacked some independence.

Things have now changed with the Vector Robot from Anki.

Vector is a cute robot that is always listening for your commands.  How can Vector always be on, without its battery dying? Simple, when Vector’s battery is running low, he guides himself back to his charging base and get some more juice.

This self charging is a game changer.  Now you can have a robot that is mobile, always on and always listening to your every command!

Enough Words, Let’s See Vector In Action

How does Vector work?  Does he live up to the hype?  Did he try to take over my brain?  Is he writing this right now?

Not sure about that last question, but the rest is all answered in our video review of Vector Robot from Anki

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