Is a Bed The Most Important Gadget You Own?

NovoBed Review

Quick, name the most useful gadgets you own…

1. Your Smartphone

2. Your Drone

3. Your memory foam mattress???

Sure, #1 and #2 are the obvious answers, but I might argue that number 3 is the most accurate.  It might feel like you use your phone all the time.  It may seem that the video drone that flies itself is something you can’t live without.  However, you know what you do use for hours every single day and literally could not live without?  A mattress!

We Review the Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress, Is This The Real Deal?

Who hasn’t seen an ad for one of those memory foam mattresses that gets delivered to your door in a relatively small box.  The claim is, you open the box, the memory foam mattress expands to full size and suddenly you have the most comfortable mattress you have ever slept on…all without having to deal with those sleazy bed salesmen.

Given that we spend hours every night on our mattress, we figured it was time to test one of these out.  We selected the Novosbed memory foam mattress because it has a 15 year warranty, allows you to adjust the firmness in home and some very impressive online reviews.

Please watch our video review of the Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress -

We Wish You Could All Come Over And Sleep on Our Mattress

We did a 13 minute video on the Novosbed mattress and I am now writing hundreds of words to describe the mattress.  Of course, the only thing that really matters is how it feels when you sleep on it.  I wish you could all come over and try it out, as it does provide a really great night of sleep.

While my wife might have an issue with you all coming over, you can try it out for 120 days in your house with the sleep trial Novosbed offers.  They will even paying shipping and free returns – so really no risk and a perfect way for you to see if this is the right bed for you.

While we cover most of the key features in video, here are the highlights –

  • COMFORT+ : Novosbed has patent-pending technology that allows customers to change the feel of their mattress after buying it. No other company offers this tailor-fit option and peace-of-mind to their customers.
  • NOVOSBED USES ULTRA-PREMIUM MEMORY FOAM : Novosbed is the only online mattress company selling a traditional memory foam mattress, like Tempurpedic. Other online companies have quilted-tops, or use different foams in their comfort layers that are either lower density, or are more bouncy than memory foam. Only Novosbed delivers a true memory foam experience .
  • MULTIPLE FIRMNESS OPTIONS : One size does NOT fit all. Novosbed believes in tailored firmness for every sleeper , and comes in 3 different firmnesses: Soft, Medium, and Firm. Each firmness can be further tailored with Comfort+, giving sleepers 9 firmness options in total, more than any other company online or offline .
  • WASHABLE TOP COVER : Novosbed is the only company to offer an easy-to-remove machine-washable top cover. Customers do not need to struggle to remove the cover for washing.
  • 120 NIGHT TRIAL : Novosbed offers one of the longest sleep trials available online.
  • NO MOTION TRANSFER : Novosbed is one of the best mattresses available for eliminating motion transfer thanks to the slower-response, ultra-premium, traditional memory foam.
  • Made in USA, with CertiPUR-US® foams
  • TENCEL® (from Eucalyptus trees) in top cover for softness and cooling via moisture wicking
  • Thousands of vertical air channels in the top layer of the mattress for breathability
  • 15-year warranty – one of the longest available
  • Novosbed has sold tens-of-thousands of mattresses across North America and has one of the highest customer review ratings in the industry with 4.9/5 stars

Enjoy Your Other Gadgets More, When You Have a Good Night’s Sleep

The real reason we put a mattress on the top of our list of useful gadgets…after a good night’s sleep, all your other gadgets seem much cooler.

We certainly are enjoying our Novosbed, but will you?  It would seem likely based on our experience and the thousands of positive reviews, but try it out and make your own decision.  The free shipping, free returns and 120 day trial make it a no-brainer to give a Novosbed a try!

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Watch our full video review of the Novosbed Memory Foam Mattress


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