Filanthropists.Com, Proving That Capitalism and Compassion Can Coexist



As many of our readers know, we spent the last week covering the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) and the 1.6 million sq. ft of new gadgets and cutting edge electronics.   As a guy who likes tech, I was impressed by the 75″ Super Flat 3D TV – but as a Dad I had the feeling, “oh my gosh, is this what happens when capitalism runs amok?”  I want my kids to understand that there is more to life than just material things, and it is not always about having the biggest and best – we need to do the right thing and help people in need.  After walking past my 122nd insanely large 3D TV at CES, I was starting to think it was time to dust off the old “Socialist Or Bust” T-shirts.

Filanthropists.Com Helps Restore My Faith in Capitalism

When I received an email from Filomena Laforgia, CEO of Filanthropists.Com, asking me to review her site with the tag line “Because we all have things to buy and causes to support” I was intrigued.  After spending some time reviewing the site and chatting with Filomena by email I had two thoughts.  First, it turns out capitalism, compassion and supporting worthy causes can all coexist.  My second thought went like this, “Damn, what a great idea – why didn’t I think of this?  I would be so proud to do a site like this – for the causes, for my kids, for everyone.  Maybe I should just steal it, call it Dadanthropists.Com or something like that…wait stealing a site that helps charities, that probably would not be the best example for my kids, okay – new plan – just help promote this site.

What In the World is Filanthropists.Com ?

The idea is that we all need to buy things, so why not support worthy causes while making our purchases.  It is basically an online shopping mall where you can shop by category, charity, or cause.  Let’s say you need to buy a few gifts and want to support cancer research at the same time.  You just click on the Cancer Cause and you will see a number of items that you can buy – books, cds, health products, sweaters, etc – all of which will donate money to a cancer cause when you make a purchase.

As A Parent, I Love The Transparency of Filanthropists.Com

Filanthropists.Com is clearly not the only site that allows you to purchase things and support causes, but they do it in a  transparent way that is very refreshing.  Take a look at a listing…

As you can see, everything is clearly listed for this very cute USB drive.  You can see the Cause, The Charity and the amount of each sale that goes to the charity.  As a Dad, I have come to truly appreciate information that is clear and transparent.  If we are going to share sites with our kids and try to show examples of how to you can make a positive difference in the world, it really helps to be completely open about how the process works.

Filanthropists.Com Also Proves that Parents Rock!

If Filanthropists.Com was started by some large corporation, I would still think it was cool.  The fact that it was started by a Mom who has a child with Autism, just proves that parents are awesome!

When Filomena Laforgia’s son was diagnosed with Autism in 2006 at age three, she made a commitment to herself and her son to raise awareness of this condition.  Creating a site that raised awareness of Autism would have been great.  However, Filomena found that there were thousands of charities selling cause-related products as a means of fundraising that were struggling to be noticed.   She soon realized that a site that promoted all the causes, not just Autism, would do the greater social good and was born.

As a Dad, I find it so incredibly refreshing when I see people take a challenge they face as a family, such as dealing with Autism, and turn it into something that can help so many people.   This is a teaching moment on so many different levels – our kids can learn how to run a business that does good, as parents we can learn how to turn a challenging situation into a rewarding one, as shoppers we learn that buying things can help others and for manufacturers we can learn how to sell products, make a profit and still help incredible charities who can make a difference.

Now It Is YOUR Turn To Make a Difference!

At Dad Does we are not big on telling our readers what to do, but we are making an exception in this case!  We can all help and make a positive difference, here are some ideas…

If You Need to Buy Things….

You are Moms and Dads, you clearly need to buy things from time to time.  Why not start your shopping at Filanthropists.Com – they have some cool items and you will actually feel good spending money!

If You Have Things to Sell….

If you have something to sell, head on over to Filanthropists.Com and get your products listed in the mall.  You can pick what charity you want to give to and the amount of the donation.  You will get increased exposure by being in the mall and you will have all that good Karma by helping a worthy cause.  In addition, you might actually make some money!

If You Use Facebook, Twitter, Email or In Any Way Communicate With Humans….

Let’s get the word out about Filanthropists.Com.  At the bottom of this article we have buttons to share on Facebook and Twitter – go ahead and click them! Of course, you don’t need to link to this article – write your own piece on Filanthropist, email a friend about it, tell someone at the supermarket,  scream it out your car window while driving around – okay maybe skip that last one.  But seriously, we all have the power to share information now via so many different forms – let’s put that power to good use!

In Conclusion, Let’s Show Our Kids That We Can Make a Difference

I find one of the harder lessons to teach my kids is that, despite our best efforts, parents can’t always make things turn out alright.   Seeing the sadness in a child’s eyes when you try to explain why cancer took their grandmother away and why it has not been cured yet can be heartbreaking.  Seeing the excitement children have when they learn that by shopping for a birthday gift on Filanthropists.Com they are helping to find a cure for a cancer, makes you feel like our future is brighter than our past.

To Start Doing Good: Visit Filanthropists.Com

FULL DISCLOSURE: We have no financial connection to Filanthropists.Com and we are not involved with company. Yes, we think it is a great idea and wish we had thought of it, but alas, we did not. We have not been compensated for this review in any way and we do not make any money if you do make a purchase through Filanthropists.Com. We of course think Filanthropists.Com is an incredible idea and think you should all stop reading this now and go buy stuff from them. This is a real review, by a real Dad!

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