Blackboard by Boogie Board, eWriter Review, Trees Just Got a New BFF


Trees of the world, let’s bring our branches together and give a big round of applause for your new BFF – The Blackboard by Boogie Board.

Hmm, if a tree claps in the forest and nobody hears it, does it really have a new Best Friend Forever?

Confused?  Let’s backup a little.  The Blackboard by Boogie Board is an 8.5″ x 11″ eWriter that runs for 5 years on a single button-cell battery, feels and work exactly like pen and paper, but it doesn’t use paper, it uses Liquid Crystal Paper.

Please watch our video review of the Blackboard LCP by Boogie Board…

What Is This Magical Liquid Crystal Paper?

Blackboard is the first ever writing tool to hit the market using Liquid Crystal Paper.  Basically this is a pixel-less, non-digital technology that writes and erases electronically, but feels incredibly natural with no lag or delay.

It works on the principle of anisotropic flow, a unique feature of cholesteric liquid crystals, in which crystals flow at different rates, depending on the direction of pressure being applied.  Yeah, we don’t totally understand the science either – but it doesn’t matter – it just works!

Want to Hear a Secret? The Blackboard Isn’t Really Black…

If the Blackboard was actually black, it would be decent, but would not get us excited.  The fact that the Blackboard is actually semi-transparent, that opens a whole new world of usefulness!

As we show in the video, you can easily trace images from a magazine, your phone, a tablet, a photo…pretty much anything.  For artistically challenged folks like us, we love the ability to trace images…and if it doesn’t come out right, just hit clear and try again.

Want to Know Another Secret?  Not Everything You Write is Worth Saving

When we write something on paper, we have a decision to make when we are done with it.  Do we file it away?  Do we keep it?  If so, where should we put it?  Which stack of useless papers should I throw it in and then never find it again?

Truth is, much of what we write doesn’t need to be saved forever.  With the Blackboard, just click Clear and it is gone, a memory, a ghost.  I know, but what if it is really important?  First, you can slide the Lock switch so it is not accidentally erased.  Then, you can use the Blackboard app to scan a photo of your creation and save it forever in the digital world.

High Tech Allows Us To Be Low Tech…and It Feels Good

Because of some fancy Liquid Crystal Paper, we can recreate the feeling of writing (and erasing) with pen on paper.  No charging, no cables, no syncing – just something we all know how to do.

The obvious question – why with computers, tablets and smartphones would we want to have something that feels like pen and paper?  First, because writing just feels good.  There is something about having a brainstorm and jotting it down with pen and paper.

Secondly, the Blackboard is just so easy to use.  You never have to charge it, update firmware or deal with endless pop-up ads!  Pickup the pen and start writing!

Finally, the Blackboard is very environmentally friendly – no cutting down trees to make paper and the whole thing is powered by a 2032 button-cell battery for 5 years!

With a list price of just $44.95, the Blackboard by Boogie Board is very reasonable priced and something we can strongly recommend.  If you do get one, don’t be surprised if you get some high fives and fist bumps from the trees the next time you walk through the woods.

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