Wikibuy, A Free Tool That Can Instantly Save You Big Bucks


I know, the title to this post sounds like some spammy click bait, but give us a few minutes to prove that Wikibuy really is a legitimate, no-risk, money saving tool for anyone who shops online.

Take a look at the video we did, where we used Wikibuy to save some bucks…

Amazon Is Great…Unless They Are Overcharging You For Everything

I am a Prime member and a recovering Amazon shopping addict.  It all seems so easy, the 2 day shipping, the great selection, the low prices…sometimes.  See, that is the catch with Amazon, a product can be a great deal one minute, then you check it again 10 minutes later and the price has gone up 30%.

Wikibuy, especially with the Chrome Extension, gives you peace of mind.  If Amazon does have the best deal – buy away.  However, if another store has a better deal, you instantly see the price difference and can save some real cash.

We Are Testing Wikibuy Out and So Should You

The folks at Wikibuy were kind enough to supply us with a $100 credit so we could try the service out and it all worked really well.  We could continue telling you about the service – the coupon features, the price graphing, the recommendations and more, but why bother?  As it is completely free to use Wikibuy, just try it out for yourself.

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