Win A RECOIL Laser Blaster Starter Set…Because Winning…and Blasting is Fun!


The holidays are upon us.  You have no time to be reading this…but you are…so I’ll keep it very quick…

Win the RECOIL Laser Blaster Starter Set and Frag Grenade

Giving away the awesome RECOIL FPS Laser Tag Starter Set is a fine idea, but this is Dad Does, we like to push the envelope, take things up a notch, bump the volume to 11.  So, we are giving away TWO Recoil Laser Tag Starter Sets and Frag Grenades –

Dad Does RECOIL Starter Set and Frag Grenade GIVEAWAY!

Huge Thanks to Sky Rocket Toys

A big thank you to Sky Rocket Toys for sponsoring this giveaway.

We could keep typing, but what’s the point.  You want the Recoil Laser Tag Blasters, we want to give them to you, it is a match made in heaven.  Of course, you have to win – but you can’t win without entering.  So enter, put on your lucky sweater vest and it seems basically guaranteed you will win*

You Are All Winners In Our Book

We hope you, yes you, are one of the winners, but everyone is a winner in our book.  Well except for that really mean kid from 7th grade…but unless you are Greg we are not talking to you…

You got me monologuing again.  Back to my point… We really appreciate all your support throughout the year and we want to wish you and your family a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

*We technically can’t guarantee you will win because we have not seen your lucky sweater vest.  But honestly, if your lucky sweater vest is not up to par, that’s really more on you than us – right?


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