Review: Ultimate Justice League R/C Batmobile – This Thing Smokes…Literally!


File this under, “Where in the world was this toy when I was a kid!”

The Ultimate Justice League Remote Control Batmobile is a 1/10 replica of the batmobile from the new movie.  The level of detail and technology in this Batmobile will make any Batman fan scream Holy Smokes.  Speaking of smoke, did we mention this batmobile has real smoke that pours out of the exhaust?

Thanks to our friends at Mattel who sent us a Batmobile to review, we don’t have to talk about all the cool features of this collectible RC – we can show it all to you!

Please watch our video review of the Mattel Ultimate Justice League Remote Control Batmobile (1/10 scale) –

A Whole Slew of Technology in One Batmobile

  • Deluxe, remote controlled Batmobile™ with premium Justice League™ movie features.
  • Interactive control with a smart phone app and driver’s POV camera in cockpit.
  • 6″ scale Batman™ figure has body movements with arm that turns the wheel.
  • Engine makes authentic sounds and smoke releases from the exhaust pipe.
  • Four armored wheels roll and missiles move on hood of the car and fire.
  • Special “jump mode” elevates the vehicle for better aim.

As the video shows, this Batmobile is clearly decked out with details and technology.  There is only one catch…the price.  At $249, this is more a toy for collectors than kids.  If you are a Batman fan and the price doesn’t scare you away, you will be thrilled to own this smoking cool Batmobile!

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Watch our full video review of the Ultimate Justice League RC Batmobile (1/10 scale).

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