Teddy Ruxpin Is Back and Softer, Smarter and Cuter Than Ever!


If you were a child of the 80’s you knew Teddy Ruxpin – the animatronic, story telling bear that seemed all so magical back in 1985.  Well, technology has come a long way since the 80’s and a bear that reads stories from an audio cassette, while moving its eyes back and forth is just not going to cut it with today’s kids.

Hey Kids, This Not Your Parent’s Teddy Ruxpin

The brand new Teddy Ruxpin from Wicked Cool Toys is packed with new technology to make this bear appealing to today’s kids…


  • TalkSync Technology – realistic animatronic mouth moves
  • LCD Animated Eyes – Full color eyes you need to see to believe
  • Touch Sensor Library Control – squeeze Teddy’s paw to select a story
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • iOS and Android App for Magical Storytelling and Friendship

Here is the really cool part – even with all that tech, Teddy Ruxpin is still a totally huggable, cuddly and soft teddy bear.

 Get A Quick Glimpse of The New Teddy Ruxpin

We just got our hands on Teddy Ruxpin and love him so far!  We are working on putting together a full review video, but for now, take a look at this Teddy Ruxpin commercial to get a feel for what he is all about –

What Can You Do With Teddy Ruxpin

While the new Teddy Ruxpin is filled with advanced technology, the concept of Teddy stays the same.  Teddy Ruxpin is an interactive friend who can tell you stories, sing songs with you and play games.

Here are some of the key features –

“Teddy Ruxpin is embedded with innovative technologies which include color, electronic LCD eyes that react in fun and surprising ways as he tells tales and sings songs. There are more than 40 full-color eye expressions and animations. These expressions sync to Teddy Ruxpin’s emotional state as he takes you on exciting storytelling adventures. Teddy Ruxpin’s motorized mouth with talking technology moves whenever he Speaks or sings. Teddy Ruxpin is Bluetooth-ready, enabling him to quickly sync with the exclusive story time app on any smart device. Downloading the app is free and easy.”

Teddy Ruxpin Revives The Art of Storytelling

With the amount of quick clips of information that bombard our children everyday, from various screens, it can often seem like the art of long form storytelling is dying out.  Of course, the best way to keep storytelling alive is for parents to read to their kids on a daily basis.  For those times when you are not available, it is terrific to have Teddy Ruxpin to tell stories to the kids and keep the magic of Teddy Ruxpin alive for another generation!

More Information:

Teddy Ruxpin sells for $99 at Toys R Us

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