KOOV Robotics and Coding Kit Review – Fun, Educational or Both?

Koov Robotics Kit

STEM is hot…at least as a buzzword and concept. The concept of increased focus for our kids on Science Technology Engineering and Math is certainly a wonderful idea. STEM or STEAM (add some Art into it) skills can expand the possibilities of what the next generation can accomplish.

The problem is, how do you teach STEM skills in a way that is both educational but also entertaining enough to keep kids interested. Sony Global Education is looking to achieve this goal with KOOV – a robotics and coding kit.

With a tag line of Play, Code, Create – KOOV sounds like a winner on paper…but unless you make paper airplanes, paper doesn’t matter. While KOOV is currently on Indiegogo – we were able to get our hands on a unit to fully test out and review.

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KOOV Is Much More Than Just a Robotics Kit

Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of robotics kits that teach block based programming. Marketers have been quick to realize that STEM sells and suddenly there are a slew of robotics and coding kits flooding the market.

What sets KOOV apart from many of the other robotics kits is the way it combines robotics, coding, teaching, building and sharing. Kids who are into Lego and other constructions toys, will instantly be drawn to the building aspect of KOOV. Daughter more of a logical coder? She will love the educational aspect of the app and the easy way digital code can be brought to life with a physical robot.

In short, KOOV does an excellent job of combining the digital aspect of coding with the physical aspects of building and watching robotic creations come to life. The sharing aspect of the app will be a hit with kids because their generation is totally connected and live to share.

KOOV is Fun and That Is The Most Important Feature

We could go on and on about STEM, the need for our children to learn more coding, the future of jobs, etc. The thing is – none of that matters if the kids get bored with a toy and don’t play with it.

KOOV is engaging and fun and while we could list out all its impressive tech features – we consider fun to be the most important factor when it comes to kids. Don’t confuse fun with frivolous. Sony doesn’t sugar coat or dumb down the programming – the block based coding is the real deal and can get complex. Luckily, kids will happily learn complex things…if it means getting their robotic 2 headed monkey to do a backflip.

The KOOV Starter Kit, at $287, is actually a pretty good deal given that it has 172 parts and accessories. The starter kit makes sense if you have a child who loves robotics and coding.

What if you love the idea of getting your kids started with robots and coding, but you are still not sure your kids will really be drawn into KOOV?

If you act fast, Sony Education just added a new perk to the Indiegogo campaign – the $159 KOOV Basic Kit -

Koov Basic Kit

The KOOV Basic Kit is a great way to get your feet wet in the robotic waters… without making a large initial investment.

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KOOV Robotics and Coding Kit from Sony is Now on Indiegogo

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