How Much Longer Before Cool Fidget Spinners Take Over The World?

Fidget Spinner

It is official, the world has gone Fidget Spinner crazy!

Fidget Spinners, Fidget Cubes, Fidget Toys – they are starting to appear everywhere now. If you don’t have kids, maybe you are not hip to the fidget spinner madness. Here is the very quick summary – fidget spinners and fidget cubes are little things you hold in your hand and you…ready for it…you fidget with them. You spin them, you twist them, you feel them…basically a toy that gives your fingers something to do.

Don’t Believe Fidget Spinners Are Hot? Let’s Look At The Data

Here is a Google Trends chart on the popularity of the “fidget spinners” search over the last 90 days…

Fidget Graph

A few months ago, nothing – but over the last 30 days it has exploded.

Fidget Spinners As Toy And Medical Treatment?

It is always hard to determine what makes a toy the sudden hot, “it” toy. In the case of the fidget spinner, one reason for its popularity may be that it is seen as more than just a toy. A few preliminary studies have looked at fidget cubes and fidget spinners as a way to help children with ADHD and ADD.

The fact that fidget toys are being used for ADHD and ADD means that fidget spinners are often allowed in the classroom. A cool spinning toy that you can bring to school? Now we are starting to understand the popularity.

What Makes A Fidget Spinner a Cool Fidget Spinner?

Amazon is now filled with fidget spinners, but we had to know, what makes a Fidget Spinner a Cool Fidget Spinner? To find out, we got our fidgetty little fingers on a few fidget toys and did some reviews…

The Spinzipz Light-up, Stackable Fidget Spinner from Zing Toys

The Spinzipz from Zing Toys gets major cool points for having lights on both sides and the ability to stack the spinners is impressive. The Spinzipz will not spin as long as some of the high end fidget spinners, but if you like lights and some bling, these are the fidget spinners for you. In addition, they are priced right at just $5 each.

The NOMAD Pro Q1, If You Want Quality and Elegance In Your Fidget Spinner

Simply put, if you want the highest quality fidget spinner, you go with the NOMAD Pro Q1. Made from Stainless Steel with R188 bearings – this spinner feels incredible in your hand and looks beautiful on your desk. No lights, no bling, just quietly spins forever. The only negative? The price, the NOMAD Pro Q1 sells for $45.

Thumb Chucks, A Different Type of Fidget Toy

The Thumb Chucks from Zing are a different type of fidget toy, with more of an emphasis on skill. Still, even if you don’t have the skills to perform all the Thumb Chucks tricks, it is just fun and strangely relaxing to spin the Thumb Chucks around your fingers.

The Best Fidget Spinner? It’s Personal

The Fidget Spinners we tested were certainly cool and addictive. What we did find was that everyone has a different “best fidget spinner”. Some people love the quiet and understated elegance of something made from stainless steel. Others want a little more bling and pop and would pick something that lights up like the Spinzipz.

In the end, what makes a fidget spinner the best fidget spinner is based on personal preference. What we do know is that Fidget Spinners are THE toy for right now, so look for even more options to choose from in the coming months.

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