The Joey Tag Review: Never Misplace The Kids Again

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I like physical stuff. I miss records, CDs and DVDs. Remember when you would actually get a handwritten letter from a friend in the mail?  Now I am just dating myself.

As much as I like physical objects, even I have to admit that some things are better when they are virtual. I remember the first time I saw a parent with a leash on their kid. Were they really so tired that when they went to take the dog for a walk, they accidentally leashed up the kid? At that point, maybe they had too much pride to admit their mistake and just said, hey, let’s go with it – kid on a leash.

A virtual leash on the kids, now that is much more acceptable.

The Joey Tag is a child safety wearable tracker…aka a virtual leash for the kids. The idea is simple and eloquent, if your child wanders off, your phone starts to beep. If you can’t see your kid, you click the app and the Joey Tag on your child’s wrist starts to beep and vibrate. No monthly fees and peace of mind knowing that your child will not wander off without you knowing.

Let’s take a look at how The Joey Tag worked in action -

Kids Really Don’t Want to Get Lost

As surprising as this may sound, kids really don’t want to get lost or separated from their parents. Young kids do like to roam and explore…and some times that works in direct contrast to their desire not to get lost!

The Joey Tag provides a simple way for kids and parents to stay in visual contact. If you are at a Mall and turn around and don’t see little Susan, you can hit the alert button on the app and The Joey Tag starts buzzing on Susan’s arm. She knows she has wandered too far away and can come back to you.

The inverse scenario can happen as well. Susan looks up, doesn’t see you, so she pushes The Joey Tag. You get an alert and know you need to find Susan.

Do You Need The Joey Tag?

Yes. No. Maybe! Plenty of parents have keep track of their kids long before The Joey Tag hit the market. So, you probably do not need The Joey Tag. On the other hand, if you have had a scare at a mall, store, theme park or other space where you couldn’t find your child for a few minutes, The Joey Tag might provide the peace of mind you desire.

More Information:

The Joey Tag sells for $89, but is currently on pre-order for $71. A major positive of The Joey Tag is that there are no monthly fees.

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