Thumb Chucks Review, The Skill Toy That Is Fun For The Skill Challenged


When it comes to skill toys, like Yo-yos, let’s just say I am “skill challenged”.  Somehow I never have the patience, dexterity or brain powder to learn all those cool tricks like “walking the dog” and “looping trick ladder”.  Playing with a Yo-Yo ends with the string getting all knotted up and me feeling like a failure.

Knowing this about me, you will understand why I was hesitant to review the new skill toy from Zing – Thumb Chucks.  Two chucks, a belt that connects them, tricks with names like “Down The Ladder”, all had me believing I was in for another failed, yo-yo like experience.

Please watch our video review of the Thumb Chucks to see how I did –

Even a Skill Challenged Guy Like Me Can Have Fun With Thumb Chucks

As the video shows, I have no real skills and know absolutely no official tricks.  Still, the Thumb Chucks are incredibly fun and addictive to play with.  Twist, spin and even drop and bounce the Thumb Chucks…you will not be doing set tricks, but you will be having fun with a skill toy.

Really want to learn how to do the skills and tricks? You can watch training videos from Zing like this one –

Thumb Chucks, A Whole Lot of Twisting Fun For Under $10

It takes a little while to get the hang of the Thumb Chucks, but once you do, they are fun, addictive and a great deal at under $10.  We love how the chucks light-up and it is also cool that you can swap out chucks and belts to make your own color creations.  There is also an app that teaches you some skills and also allows you to add special effects to the video you take of your mad thumb chucking (is that a word?) skills!

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get back to perfecting my totally imperfect, improvised Thumb Chuck skills.

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