Cozmo Robot Review, The Tiny Robot With a Big Personality


There are going to be many more words in this review, but let me cut to the chase…

Cozmo is the robot you actually want.

There are lots of impressive toy robots on the market.  They are filled with technology and perform tasks like picking up objects or spying on your friends with robot like precision.

What has been lacking on the market is a robot with personality.  A robot that can make you laugh and actually feel like a curious little friend.  A Pixar character come to life.  That all changed when Anki released Cozmo late in 2016.

Cozmo is not just technically impressive, it is a robot you actually want to play with.

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Cozmo Is Filled With Personality And That Makes Him Fun!

I knew there was something magical about Cozmo the first time I beat him in a game of Quick Tap and I actually felt bad for him as he bowed his head down, whimpered and slowly turned away.  For a moment, I forgot I was playing a game with a robot and had an emotional connection with a tiny robot made up of over 300 parts.

Anki has succeed where so many others have failed, it has brought personality and emotion to a toy robot.  Yes, Cozmo has an array or impressive technology – advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, awareness of its surroundings, computer vision and the ability to do facial recognition – but this is definitely a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

By working with animators from Pixar, Anki was able to create a highly sophisticated robot, that in a strange sense doesn’t feel like a robot at all.  Cozmo playfully interacts with you, your family and even your pets.  In fact, Cozmo doesn’t just interact with your family, it feels like part of your family.

Cozmo Is The Robot The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Cozmo, like a family pet, can be fun for all members of your family.  Younger kids will love playing games with Cozmo.  Us older kids will enjoy getting into the SDK and programming Cozmo.  As Cozmo now can recognize your pets, even the family pets will get a kick out of playing with Cozmo.

Simply put, if you want a playful robot that is filled with personality, Cozmo is the robot for you.

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