Magnaflex Review, What’s Better Than Magnets? Bendable Magnets!


There are a few things I know to be true in this world…


  • My cat wants to kill me
  • If Almond Joys were good for you, no one would ever stop eating them
  • Magnets are cool

There is something very satisfying about hearing the clank when magnets join together.  Construction sets with magnetic parts are not new, but the completely flexible magnetic strips that make up Magnaflex take the magnetic building fun to a new level.

Please watch our full video review of the Magnaflex Vehicle Set from WowWee -

Magnaflex Provides Open Ended Fun, To Kids of All Ages

The video pretty much covers it all. Magnaflex provides a fun and easy way for kids of all ages to build more organic shapes and objects.  We loved how the strips contain magnets in the tips and in the middle, making for more ways to build and connect.

Here is more information on the key features of the Magnaflex –


  • High-quality, flexible material allows you to create organic 3D shapes
  • Unique shape lets you zip or stack pieces in addition to bending and connecting them magnetically
  • Use your imagination to build different animals, vehicles, and more with brightly colored pieces
  • Extra connector pieces help you complete your design with eyes, wheels, and more
  • Idea-starter design booklet included! 24 pieces, vehicle set

If you have little builders in your life, who like some flexibility when they construct, the Magnaflex Vehicle Set is a great choice.

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Watch Our Full Video Review of the Magnaflex Vehicle Set

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