01 Dimensioning Instrument +Pen Review, James Bond, Eat Your Heart Out

The 01 Dimensioning Instrument

Sure James Bond had pen guns, pen bombs and even poison pens…but did he ever have a pen that could measure the length of his pinky finger?  The 01 Dimensioning Instrument from Instrumments (yes, that is two m’s) is a high tech pen that uses a laser, a rolling device and an app on your phone to accurately measure and dimension pretty much any object…  at least that is the claim.

To test out how well the 01 Dimensioning Instrument really works and to see if this marks the death of the tape measure, we played around with the pen for the last two weeks.  Please watch our full video review of the 01 Dimensioning Instrument –

Who Knew There Was So Much To Measure in The World?

As the video shows, we found the 01 Dimensioning Instrument does a great job of getting you “dimension curious”.  It is so easy to measure any object, curved, flat or oddly shaped – you actually find yourself measuring more objects.  At this point, for precise measurements, we still found a tape measure to be more accurate, but that may change with updates to the app.

Here are the key features of the 01 Dimensioning Instrument –

  • Scale: dimension drawings or maps in any scale.
  • Quick W-H-D: captures width, height and depth automatically, making dimensioning boxes fast.
  • Blink Interval: Set up grids, hang things equally apart or gauge rough dimensions without your phone.
  • Single battery will last for 6 months with normal use
  • Elegant design
  • Easily measure curved objects
  • Lightweight and portable

The Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grads

Buying gifts can be tricky.  What do you get that person who seems to have everything?  As the 01 Dimensioning Instrument is brand new, this is one gadget you can be pretty sure that your recipient does not have.

Pick up the 01 Dimensioning Instrument for anyone on your gift list because who doesn’t need a gadget that easily measures things? After all, who isn’t curious about the exact dimensions of their pinky finger?

More Information:

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