Toy Fair 2017, New and Improved – Now With Less Gender Stereotypes!



I have been attending the International Toy Fair in NYC for numerous years, and without a doubt, the 2017 Toy Fair that kicks off on February 18th will be the best Toy Fair I have ever seen!

Do I say this because it will be filled with new drones, robots, games and gizmos?  No, every year certainly has its share of impressive new toys.

I know this Toy Fair will be the best, not because of what it has, but because of what it is missing….gender stereotypes!

See Ya, Boy And Girl TOTY Awards – You Will Not Be Missed

As we reported earlier, the Toy Industry Association (TIA) has finally decided to do away with the practice of giving separate Boy and Girl Toy Of The Year (TOTY) awards.  The TOTY Awards, the sort of Oscar’s of the toy industry will finally give awards based on the type of toy (action, construction, tech, doll, outdoor, etc) – not a guess as to what gender might play with the toy.

We have been very vocal in our unhappiness with how the TIA handled the TOTY Awards in past years, but now we must give credit where credit is due.  The TIA has done the right thing, put the interest of the kids first and decided that a celebration of the best toys of the year was no place to be celebrating gender stereotypes.  Bravo!

Now, Let’s Get Ready to Play!

We will be providing full coverage of Toy Fair NY.  Make sure to follow us on Instagram and YouTube, as that is where we will be sharing exclusive photos and videos of all the latest toys.

Okay, I need to rest up now – it going to be a busy couple of days of playing with toys and battling robots.

Much more to come soon…



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