#CES2017 Here We Come…Get The Robotic Self Driving Selfie Drones Ready


Our bags are packed with the essentials…

External Battery Packs

Video Cameras

Snickers Bars

We are all set to cover the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas!

CES Is Big, In Fact It Is Insanely Big

In 2016 CES had over 177,000 attendees and spanned over 2.4 million square feet of exhibitor space.  Companies from all over the globe come to show off the latest and greatest in technology.  While it will be a few days until we get exact numbers on 2017, it seems clear this is going to be another huge show.

How is it then, that we plan on covering such a vast and diverse show…

We Will Cover Those That Get Less Coverage

Let’s be honest, are we really going to be able to show you anything from Sony, Panasonic or LG that you haven’t already seen on all the tech and gadget sites?  Probably not.

That’s fine, because we will be spending most of our time where all the cool kids are – Eureka Park.  This is where you find the startups and small companies that have incredible ideas, smart engineers and almost no marketing budget.  We will be seeking out the best from Eureka Park and turning our spotlight on their inventions.

Forget the Blog, The Action Will Be Happening On Our YouTube Channel

Blogs are so 2016.  All the fun happens over at our YouTube Channel.  If you have not yet, please subscribe so you can be in the loop as we post new videos.

Over the next week look for us to post videos of drones, robots, toys, gadgets, scooters, VR headsets, tablets….and so much more.

Okay, enough writing, time to get some sleep and get ready for a big day at CES tomorrow.

Stay tuned, much more to come!


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